Guest posts | June 12th 2017

What’s in your beach bag? Ropes of Holland

Getting ready for a beach holiday? Part of the fun of getting vacay-ready is the clothes shopping you can do beforehand, but what if all those gorgeous new items don’t quite fit in your beach bag?

Globe trotting fashion blogger Lindsey Holland of Ropes of Holland is on hand to advise:

“Packing is no mean feat. However, if you’re jetting off to LA, as I very luckily was, it becomes a whole lot easier. For beautiful iconic beach scenes and lounging poolside, I’ve got you covered with exactly what to pack in your beach bag.

With temperatures nearing 30 degrees, I made sure I was never too far away from the beach or the pool. Keeping your style by the water can sometimes be tricky, sweating your make up off and feeling too hot to wear a full outfit is usually the way it goes, so I’ve found the best way to feel comfortable with my style is to keep it really simple.

I absolutely love minimal design, so for me, I try to stick to neutral colours, clean designs and where beauty is concerned; I just need a nourishing lip balm and some solid perfume.

What’s in my beach bag:

beach bag
What’s in your beach bag?


This ASOS bikini top and bottoms mix and match set is one of the best fitting great quality high street bikini’s I’ve found, and believe me, I’ve looked. I chose the pastel yellow to keep in line with my neutral rule but also, because this shade will look great with your new tan!

Oversized white shirt

Instead of packing a full outfit to take to the beach, because lets face it, you’re going to be hot and sticky within minutes, I’ve chosen an oversized cotton shirt by Weekday on ASOS to keep me cool and is long enough to pass for a mini shirt dress if you want to pop off for some lunch.


Comfort is key when you’re relaxing at the beach or sitting by the pool getting stuck into your latest book. When I looked for sandals on ASOS, not only did they have to be fuss free, they had to be easy to slip in and out of and comfortable. No leg ties, and no sequins thanks!


I’ll mention comfort again here, because I cannot stand a heavy sunglasses frame on my face when the sun is beating down and you’re feeling extra hot under the weight of your thick frames. I absolutely live in these round Ray-Ban sunglasses that I picked up on ASOS. They go with any look, and they’re really light-weight.


You will not catch me on holiday in any capacity without a book. I’m reading Fate & Furies by Lauren Groff at the moment and it’s the perfect holiday read. Amazon is incredible for book selection and I picked up 3 more just like this.

Lip balm

I talked a little earlier about a nourishing lip balm. Nobody wants dry lips on holiday. My lip saviour is this one by Burt’s Bees which I ordered from John Lewis, they have the most incredible beauty selection!


A little luxe goes a long way for me, and this solid perfume by Diptyque via John Lewis is just that. It’s my favourite scent and this tiny solid version is perfect for a day out on the go if you want to freshen up.

I hope this has inspired your beach bag packing and thank you so much for reading!”

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June 12th 2017 - by @CollectPlus