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Beauty resolutions to keep in 2017: look fab all year long

Will Beauty resolutions be featuring in your list of life goals for 2017? The start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to take stock and make promises to yourself that you aim to keep, says Hayley Carr AKA London Beauty Queen.

New Years Resolutions may be cliche, but they can also help wipe the slate clean and start afresh: especially when it comes to your beauty regime. With nothing but dark nights and a barren bank account to keep you company until February, this is a great time to start looking after yourself a little better (and attempt to recover from the festive over indulgence.)

If you want to start as you mean to go on, read on for 8 beauty resolutions that will make a real difference over the next few months.

beauty resolutions 2017

Beauty resolutions for 2017

Invest in silk pillowcases

Investing in silk pillowcases can prevent ‘sleep wrinkles’ whilst aiding the absorption of night creams, as well as helping with frizzy hair and acne; they’re a one-stop shop to keeping you looking fabulous. The smoothness of a silk pillowcase helps to keep the surface of individual hairs smooth and frizz free, as opposed to the harsh cotton cases that cause friction. They can also help prevent the build-up of bacteria that can multiply with heat and cause breakouts on your skin. Who knew one small change could make such a massive difference?

TRY: Gingerlily silk pillow beauty box at House of Fraser

Pop on a night cream

Not just for the over 40’s, night creams are a great way of injecting goodness into your skin as you sleep to ensure you wake up the next morning feeling fabulous. I love a rich night cream, treatment or mask applied as I slip beneath the sheets – just give it ten minutes to soak into the surface to prevent it from transferring onto your pillow and snooze. If you scrimp on day creams and serums, a night treatment is a great way of ensuring your skin gets all it needs on a daily basis.

TRY: Ultimate Sleep cream from House of Fraser

Deep clean your brushes

Dedicating a small amount of time every week or two to thoroughly clean your brushes can make the world of difference – both to your makeup of each brush. I use solid shampoos to ensure the process is quick, easy and as mess-free as possible, but liquid shampoos and specific brush cleaners do the job just as well. Bacteria and dirt builds up on brushes in only a matter of days, meaning you could be transferring grime onto your face every time you apply your products. Make a resolution to thoroughly clean your brushes as often as possible and you’ll see the difference in both your skin and makeup result.
TRY: Lottie Soap Star solid brush cleaner with coconut oil, available at ASOS.

beauty new years resolutions 2017

‘Meet me in the bath’ time

Oh how I love a good bath session. Slipping into steaming hot water that’s delicately fragranced with a beautiful bath oil is the ultimate way to unwind, and will be one of those beauty resolutions you’ll have no trouble sticking to. Having a weekly bath session is great for both body and mind, forcing you to take some time out and relax – as well as providing the perfect pampering session. Use your bath evening to exfoliate your limbs, apply a face mask, add a hair treatment and breathe in the stress-relieving notes of your favourite bath oil. Making time for yourself is just as important as making time for others.

TRY: Lavender foaming bubble bath at L’Occitane

Buff it away

Especially in the colder months, when skin is dryer and suffering from exposure to the elements, exfoliating your limbs can make a huge difference to the appearance and texture of skin. Once or twice a week a heavy duty exfoliant can help remove dead and dull cells from the surface of legs and arms, revealing the healthier and glowing skin beneath. If you’re a fake tan lover, or simply like to add a touch of colour in winter, then exfoliating effectively can also help your tan to look flawless and last even longer. Bonus.

TRY: Ameliorate Body Polish at John Lewis

Double cleanse

Cleansing effectively really is the key to a radiant and clear complexion. If you don’t remove the day’s build-up effectively (even if you’re not wearing makeup, dirt/grime/dead skin builds up on the surface and clogs pores) then no lotion or potion will perform at its best. I religiously double cleanse and it makes the world of difference; the first cleanse removes makeup and impurities, while the second gets deep down to help wash away grime sitting beneath the surface. Investing in an oil or balm is the best way forward.
TRY: Shea Cleansing Oil at L’Occitane


Massage those facial muscles

Something I wholeheartedly believe in and have seen benefits from myself, facial massage can really aid the absorption of your creams, oils and serums while stimulating areas of the face to ensure radiance. A few minutes a day (either in the morning or evening) dedicated to a mini routine will make a big difference to your skin’s texture and plumpness; pretty much after the first session you can start to see a difference, especially if you’re starting to spot those fine lines that come with a certain age!

TRY: Ewinever jade roller facial massager at Amazon

Get all tied up

Endless straightening, curling and styling of our hair can cause so many problems in the long term; from split ends, dryness, frizz and broken strands, spending hours with electrical tools every day does incredible damage to your hair. As much as possible, avoid over-styling and tie your hair up instead; pinning your ‘natural’ hair will not only save the condition from deteriorating, but also reclaim precious moments in the morning.

Since I’ve had hair extensions I’ve become an expert at making one wash last four days, thanks to tying hair up and re-styling using an endless amount of bobby pins. After a few months the difference is really quite amazing – even my hairdresser has commented.

TRY: Mini jelly hair coils at ASOS.

Which beauty resolutions will you be adopting this year? Do you have any more you think are must-dos at the start of a new calendar?

Written by Hayley Carr (londonbeautyqueen.com)

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