Features Shopping Guide | January 20th 2017

Where to buy a bullet journal by CollectPlus

Wondering where to buy a bullet journal? We’ve done a sweep of the awesome organisers on offer from our retail partners, and our stationery obsession is truly sated.

There are beautifully designed diaries and notebooks popping up all over the place that will help you to get the bullet journal habit in 2017. And with a whole new year’s worth of pages to fill up, there’s never been a better time to get organised.


What is a bullet journal?

You might well be wondering what this bullet business is all about. Put simply, it’s a new method of diary-keeping that uses short and punchy notation and a set of special symbols to keep you on top of everything you want to achieve in your life. Take a look at the basic skills you’ll need to bullet journal in this great guide.

To get into the habit you’ll need a few fundamental bits of kit. As well as the actual journal you’ll need for writing down all your lists, schemes and plans, you’ll also want to think about decoration as the bullet journal craze is as much about creativity as it is about being organised. Here’s what you’ll need to get started, all available to buy with CollectPlus click & collect:

Decorative tape

decorative tape paperchase

To bullet journal like a pro you’ll want to make sure your pages are looking pretty – as well as being super organised. We love this polkadot and heart print tape from Paperchase, which is a steal at £4 for these four Valentines themed designs. Buy here >>

Colourful pens

gel pens for bullet journal


These gel pens are a bullet journal staple. By making sure you can colour code every entry, you’ll soon be sticking to your plans in every colour of the rainbow. This set of 8 is £5 at Paperchase. Buy here >>


bullet journal highlighter pens

Another essential for the budding bullet diariser is a set of highlighter pens. And in the spirit of this inherently instagram-friendly exercise, we’ve picked out some sweet speckled pens which are new in at Paperchase and just £5. Buy here >>

A notebook

moleskine journal

It goes without saying that you’ll need somewhere to record all your plans and other bullet points, and if you’re serious about committing for a year, we suggest a quality notebook like this stylish Moleskine from John Lewis. This is a classic item you can customise to your heart’s content. Buy here >>

Sticky notes

sticky notes

The centre of every organised person’s universe, sticky notes are a must-have in this game. We love these ice-cream coloured adhesive backed notes for a well ordered life. Buy here >>

Once your bullet diary habit has become second nature and you’re settling into your own style, there are all sorts of other embellishments and stationery bits and pieces you might want to add. But we’ll leave the more personal touches up to you…

January 20th 2017 - by @CollectPlus