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Charlotte Tilbury Haul | Beauty By The Bunny

There’s nothing we love more than a gorgeous new beauty product, even more when it’s all in gold packaging… Who else could we possibly be talking about other than the fabulous Charlotte Tilbury? We caught up with top beauty blogger Beauty By The Bunny who told us all about her favourite Charlotte Tilbury products and what she loves about them.

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“If you had to pick a favourite makeup brand who would you choose?  Whilst I love many brands, for me the ultimate has to be Charlotte Tilbury.

There’s something so satisfying pulling the lid off a new rose gold tube of lipstick, or the first swipe of a brush in a blusher.  Those who follow my blog or Instagram (resists the urge to shamelessly self-promote), will know that I adore Charlotte Tilbury and have something of a reputation of being a total fan girl, and now I want to share that love.

Some of you might have never dipped your toe into the world of Tilbury yet and it can be a bit daunting.  With so many gorgeous products where do you start? Now I could sit here and write the longest post known to man and recommend EVERYTHING but unless there’s a lottery win on the horizon, that’s not really going to help you.  Instead, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites across the board to give you a good basis of where to start your collection.  I will warn you though, the Tilbury love becomes addictive and before you know it you have almost every item. If there was a Charlotte Tilbury rehab, I’d be a prime candidate for treatment!


This is one of the first products I tried from Charlotte Tilbury.  My fiance surprised me with a jar and a love affair began. I love this stuff so much that I always need at least 2 jars in my stash as I can never run out.

As well as providing the face with moisture, it also lifts your complexion in a way that really is magic.  You can look like you’ve had a very messy night with dull skin that would possibly scare little children one minute and then look awake, fresh and healthy after using this.  It also creates a perfect base for your makeup application, with your foundation applying like a dream over the top of Magic Cream.

It contains an anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex to fight free radicals and leave your complexion looking beautiful, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and wild pansy extracts to help seal in moisture.  A combination of oils and vitamins perk up the skin and you’ll be left looking like you’ve had 8 hours of restful sleep. Do not let anyone tell you that this is basically expensive Nivea – it’s not … it’s magic.


Whether you’re a Charlotte Tilbury fan or not, you need Wonder Glow in your life.  I can always rely on it on those days where my skin looks a little drab to leave me with a radiant complexion.

You can use it under foundation as a radiant primer, or on it’s own for the days where you can’t be bothered with makeup but still want a dewy complexion.  Fluorescent core light diffusers (fancy I know), absorb the sun’s UV particles and use the light energy to leave your skin looking illuminated. Your skin is left looking smoother and more even and the mixture of ingredients create an optical illusion on your skin to leave you looking flawless.

I use Wonder Glow all year round and always recommend it to people who don’t know where to start with Charlotte Tilbury.  You really notice a difference on the days you don’t use it – seriously, you need this in your makeup bag.


A relatively new addition to the Tilbury line, Hollywood Flawless Filter is incredible.  Described as a complexion booster, it does some serious witchcraft to your complexion.

It’s a multi-tasking marvel that acts like a filter to your face, as well as working as a primer and a highlighter … it has to be tried to be believed just how amazing this is.  I like to use this under my foundation and then dot a bit along the cheekbones on the days when I want a natural glow to shine through. Polymers act like an airbrush and smooth out your complexion whilst an oil helps to moisturise your skin and finely milled powders work to smooth out any imperfection.

This is a genius product, especially in these days of social media and selfies – you can be confident in your skin without having to rely on a digital filter to leave you looking good.


As a beauty blogger I try many mascaras, but this is the first one I really fell in love with and for a long time it was my holy grail.  I’ve lost count of how many tubes of this I’ve bought, but it is so so good.

We all have different things that we want from mascaras, and Full Fat basically has everything covered with it’s 5-in-1 formula.  You will get curl, separation, length, volume and drama and you can build it up as much as you like.

I adore this as you can make it so that your lashes look naturally amazing, or layer it on so that you look like you have false lashes on.  As someone who wasn’t blessed with good lashes, I swear by this.


When the original Legendary Lashes came out I wasn’t a fan.  It was too wet and messy and transferred all over your face, so I stuck with my trusty Full Fat.  The Charlotte listened to feedback and worked on the formula and Volume 2 was born.

Everything that was wrong with the original formula now works like a dream and it has quickly become one of my favourite mascaras to use.  I don’t think I’ve reached for another mascara since I got this. It is long-wearing, smudge-proof and can also resist humidity and heat, so it’s perfect for summer.  

If you had tried the original and were left unimpressed, then you need to give it another go as it is now one of the best mascaras I have ever tried.


If you only ever buy one pressed powder, then this is the one you need.  I didn’t realise you could get excited over powder until I tried this. I’m on my 6th now and I’m about to hit pan – I rarely ever finish powders, so that should tell you how good this is.

If you want flawless looking skin, then this is your answer.  There’s no caking or clumping, just a smooth, soft complexion.  It contains soft-foci micro powders that basically blur your skin, working like a real life airbrush.  It also keeps shine and oil at bay as well as leaving your makeup looking perfect all day long.

I have tried many many pressed powders and none even come close to how good this is.


Again, this is a new release and it is limited edition, so if you want this you need to be fast.  I’m hoping that they make it a permanent addition to the line as it is really lovely.

I can be a bit fussy when it comes to cream blushes and highlighters, but this duo is beautiful and performs really well.  The formula is cream-to-powder and you get a gorgeous finish on the skin from them. They blend out perfectly and create a blurred effect on your cheeks that I’ve never experienced from cream products before.  

I love the subtlety of this product, and if you prefer more natural looking makeup you will love this too.


One of Charlotte’s cult products has to be Filmstar.  I don’t even contour and I adore this.

Designed to sculpt and highlight, you get a gorgeous bronzer that helps to mimic sun-kissed skin and a lovely highlighter that reflect the light and flatters any skin tone.  Contouring scares me and it never goes well for me, so this is ideal for me. I sweep the bronzer across my cheekbones and a little bit up near my hairline and then highlight and I always get a beautiful natural looking contour.  

The powders are blendable and buffable and never look muddy on the skin.  If I can get along with this then anyone can.


I had to include a couple of Charlotte’s lipsticks as they’re my faves – I own every shade and I am more than a little bit proud of my collection.

Sexy Sienna is a stunning golden coral shade that has a matte finish.  The great thing about Tilbury mattes are that they aren’t remotely drying – you still get a beautiful creamy application and the colour stays put for a good few hours.  

It is hydrating and gives the illusion of fuller-looking lips and this shade is great for this time of year.


If there’s one shade you have to try then it is Pillow Talk.

Designed to match the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat, this is the most gorgeous nude pink matte that flatters everyone.  I reach for this so often and even have a backup. It is the ideal match for the Lip Cheat and is perfect for an every day nude.

Charlotte’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks are also gorgeous and well worth trying and there are so many amazing shades – I could have picked a large number of shades, but these are the two I’m wearing the most at the moment.

I hope this has been helpful and that you now have a good idea of where to start when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury.  I’m yet to try a product that I don’t like – Charlotte is a makeup artist through and through and she really knows what works for women of all ages.

Trust me, once you enter Charlotte’s magic world, you won’t ever want to return.”

August 2nd 2018 - by @CollectPlus