Fashion | March 22nd 2016

#NeverBeenWorn: donate forgotten fashion to Oxfam with CollectPlus

Want to donate fashion to Oxfam? Here at CollectPlus, we’ve been thinking about how many pieces of clothing are lying unworn and unloved in the nation’s wardrobes. Knowing that shoppers sometimes don’t return items that weren’t what they were expecting or didn’t quite fit, we had a sneaky suspicion that many of us are sitting on a goldmine of forgotten clothes – which could be donated to a good cause.

To test our theory we ran a survey, polling a sample of over 2,000 UK shoppers on how many of the clothes in their wardrobes had never been worn. The results were striking: as a nation we are currently storing around 350 million unworn pieces of clothing, many of which are in mint condition and may even still have original tags attached.

Perhaps even more sobering is the combined value of all those items, which we estimate at being in the region of £4.6 bn. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if those pristine pieces were put to good use?


With this aim in mind, the #NeverBeenWorn campaign was born. We’ve teamed up with Oxfam and a team of fabulous fashion bloggers to help you clear your closets of unwanted clothes, while donating to a great cause – and for the first 500 people who take part, we’re offering this new service free of charge.

Not only will the service help you to super-charge your spring clean, it’s also a great way to donate quality clothing to Oxfam that will help to stock its stores with much-needed, desirable fashion that will fetch good prices among its customers, helping the charity to carry out vital work here in the UK and around the world.

Fee Gilfeather, Oxfam Trading’s Head of Marketing explains: “By having a clear out of your unworn clothing, you could be helping to provide clean water for a school, or vital supplies to a family in an emergency. We will sort your donations and sell them in our shops or on Oxfam’s Online Shop, so you can be sure that every last item donated is used to raise money to help fight poverty worldwide.”

How to donate your #NeverBeenWorn clothes to Oxfam with CollectPlus

All you need to do to get involved is gather up and package your clothes for donation, download a label here, attach it to your parcel and drop it off at your nearest CollectPlus store for delivery to Oxfam.

Here’s what some of our bloggers are donating:

What Emma Did


Lifestyle blogger and self-confessed Shopaholic Emma Campbell of What Emma Did has been busy searching through her five (yes, five) wardrobes to pick out pieces that have yet to make their debut in the outside world. Like many of us, Emma didn’t expect to find much in the way of forgotten fashion before she got started, but she nonetheless came away with an impressive haul of enviable unworn items. Take a look at what Emma found lurking at the back of her wardrobes.

Rosie Glow


Like most high-profile fashion bloggers, Rosie Glow’s wardrobe is bursting at the seams – but she’s no hoarder, and likes to have regular clear-outs to make space for the latest pieces. In fact, she now has a one-in-one-out policy, and likes to get rid of one piece of clothing for every new one she brings in, so she approached our #NeverBeenWorn blogger challenge with enthusiasm. Keen to donate fashion to Oxfam she had some fabulous pieces to offload, and we’re sure they’ll soon find grateful new homes: see what Rosie’s donating to Oxfam here.

Emsy Pickle


Having recently moved house, Emsy Pickle was keen to rid her wardrobe of items that she’d never quite got around to wearing, and that didn’t look like making their debut any time soon. We’re sure you’ll agree that there are some fabulous pieces here that will quickly fly off the shelves at Oxfam – we reckon the rope-tie dress is likely to be a particular hit once the summer hits. See what else Emsy is donating here.


March 22nd 2016