Consumer Promotions | November 9th 2015

Donate your coats to Wrap Up London via CollectPlus

Have you got an old coat hanging around in the back of your wardrobe, gathering dust that you’re really not likely to wear it again? This week, your old coat could be put to good use by helping someone in need. Wrap Up London is a charity drive set up by Hands on London to collect unwanted coats and then distribute them to homeless people across the capital. The good news is that you don’t need to be in London to get involved in this great cause.


This is the fifth year the campaign has run and last year they managed to an impressive 14,000 donations. In 2015, with a little help from CollectPlus and WNDirect, they’re hoping to exceed 20,000. Hands on London CEO Jon Meech said, “We’ve been honoured over the years to meet such kind, generous Londoners who want to do all they can to help the city’s most vulnerable. We’ve seen people bringing whole suitcases full of old coats, and commuters taking the coats straight off of their backs. Men, women and children alike they have always been glad to help because they know their coats would be going directly to someone who truly appreciated it.”

How can you get involved?
This year, for the first time, people across the UK can get involved with this charity drive via CollectPlus. All you have to do, is go to our website and download a label and stick it on to your carefully packaged parcel. You can send up to 10kg of coats for just £3.75 so why not get your friends and family to donate too? After you’ve packaged up your coats, simply drop them at a CollectPlus store and we’ll make sure they get to Wrap Up London. Please make sure the label is printed correctly and that the barcode is clearly displayed to ensure a smooth delivery.

We’re collecting coats in our office to package them together and make the most of our 10kg. Why don’t you do something similar and share your efforts via Twitter or Instagram?

Wrap Up London are collecting coats from 9-13th November at tube stations across London. Check out their website for more details

November 9th 2015 - by @CollectPlus