News | April 18th 2017

Earth Day 2017: easy ways to green up your life

Earth Day 2017 is coming up soon on 22 April, and this has got us thinking about how we can all take steps to be a bit kinder to the planet.

Here are just a few hassle-free ways you can make small changes to your daily routine that can make a big difference when enough of us get involved.

Make online shopping greener

If you’re an online shopaholic, there are ways you can make your habit greener, and opting for click & collect is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint as you shop. By choosing to have your items sent to a local store, you’ll be helping to save on C02 emissions, as the delivery driver will hand over multiple parcels to the store owner in a single trip.

Just make sure you choose a green way to get to the store when you collect your item! Most people in the UK live within a mile of one of our stores, so if you’re using our click & collect service, this should be no bother.

Earth Day 2017 click and collect

Send your clothes to charity

Donating to charity is one of the greenest things you can do with unwanted clothes that are long past their returns window. But many of us are guilty of gathering up our garments for giving, only to leave them sitting forgotten in a bin bag for weeks on end.

Do you have mountains of old clothes cluttering up your cupboards but never enough time to schlep it down to your local charity shop? The good news is that you can now send your items direct to many charities. One such organisation is Oxfam, who we work with to make it easier for you to donate clothes: simply download a label from our site, package up your clothes and take the labelled parcel to your chosen CollectPlus store. We’ll send them on to Oxfam, who can then sell them to a grateful new owner in one of their stores.

earth day 2017 oxfam

Greener beans

As anyone who loves coffee knows only too well, those paper cups, plastic pods and of course the coffee shop bills just keep mounting up. Fortunately there are ways to green up your act without going cold-turkey on the caffeine.

If you have a machine at home that takes pods, don’t just throw the empties in the bin: there will always be a way to recycle. While your options will depend on the make of coffee machine you are using, you can either send your empties through the post to a recycling agent, or if the brand in question has its own recycling scheme, return the pods as directed. Take a look at our returns page to see if you can use CollectPlus to recycle pods from your favourite coffee brands.

Kate Spade coffee cup

If you’re more of a take-away addict, there’s even more good news: to encourage environmentally friendly behaviour, several chains have just announced that they’ll be offering discounts to customers who bring their own reusable cups. So next time you’re in your favourite sandwich shop, it’s worth asking your friendly barista if they offer this incentive. And whether or not they do, this is a good green habit to get into. There are so many fun and stylish coffee mugs out there at the moment, too: we love this playful one from Kate Spade at John Lewis.

Leave the car at home

Brighter days mean there’s less of a need to use the car, particularly for shorter journeys, so why not make ditching the wheels your Earth Day 2017 resolution. There’s no better time than the spring to set some green goals that will also increase your time spent in the great outdoors – and help improve your fitness levels, too. So next time you need to get some groceries, ditch the wheels and take the opportunity for a walk or cycle ride instead – your fitness tracker will love you even if you’re not in the mood.

Rock a reusable shopper

The ‘plastic bag tax’ caused a muttering at the checkout when it was first introduced in 2015, but you can’t deny it’s had impressive results. Across the UK we have collectively reduced our use of plastic bags by an astonishing 85%, which is fantastic news for our environment and in particular our oceans.

A great way to ensure you are contributing to this improving statistic is to equip yourself with a few stylish ‘bags for life’ that you won’t want to be without – at the moment, we’re crushing on this on-trend watermelon sequin tote from New Look:

Earth Day 2017 watermelon shopping bag

Make your clear-out count

Finally, there’s nothing like a spring clean to make you aware of just how much junk you’re harbouring. When you’re going full Marie Kondo, the temptation to simply stuff unwanted clutter in the nearest bin can be overwhelming.

But in the spirit of Earth Day 2017 we’d urge you to think before you chuck, and consider the merits of services like Ziffit and Zapper that will happily take various common household items off your hands and will even pay you for the privilege in some cases. With recycling schemes in place for everything from mobile phones to Lego bricks, you might be surprised at what categories of clutter you can exchange for cash.

Are you making any changes to your lifestyle for Earth Day 2017? Let us know how you’ll be doing your bit.

April 18th 2017 - by @CollectPlus