Fashion | June 21st 2017

Festival hacks for summer 2017

Are you going to a festival this year? With festival season in full swing we got in touch with some of the blogging industry’s faves to share their top tips on how to get yourself festival ready along with some sneaky little hacks that’ll make those long, wet weekends just that bit more bearable.

Read on for our bloggers’ favourite festival hacks to help you prep for the outdoor season.

Festival hacks for a stylish summer

Sinead Crowe, Love Style Mindfulness

“One word: pillow. Don’t forget a pillow and don’t even think about taking a blow up one or ANYTHING of the sort. A good pillow is so underestimated and 100% something you’ll thank your lucky stars for after a heavy day and night of drinking. A couple of years ago I went to Leeds fest and went sans pillow thinking it was just extra baggage – gotta make room for the extra bottles of cider you know? Huge mistake. A pillow is your best friend at a festival. You can thank me later.”

Olivia Laura Turner, Olivia Laura

“My top festival hack is all about being prepared for every eventuality, but being as smart as possible with that precious bag space. Because lets be honest, as much as we’d all love to have a total Carrie Bradshaw moment, our copious matching designer luggage being chauffeured behind containing 2 weeks worth of outfits just in case, the reality is a lot more hill hiking and mud trawling, so less really is more.

festival hacks

Whenever I pack, I go for the roll-up trick. Rolling your clothes into little sausages saves so much room and reduces creases too. Around these sausages, you can wrap a sock around each end, you’re going to need these will all that walking.

It’s all about the practicality and space saving with festival packing so get creative: if you’re not wearing your wellies to go (they should definitely be in your bag if not – you just never know when a downpour is going to hit) then utilise these by rolling up tops and get stuffing inside them. This is a great place for things like sun cream and moisturisers too.

Take miniatures where you can; perfume freebies or decanters will be your life savers; I’ve been that girl before who’s dropped a whole new bottle of £100 perfume on the floor and since then, the big bottles stay safely on my dresser. Practical bags don’t need to be boring either, get yourself a pretty embellished rucksack to keep all your belongings safe on you but easier to carry, with plenty more room than a little clutch”.

Anna Shearer, Le Fashion Fetish

festival fashion hacks

“Invest in some mini beauty products, space is key when packing for a festival so make sure you can fit all of your essentials into one toiletry bag.

By day 2 or 3, hair must go up. Pack glitter, hair ties and bobby pins and always have some images of hair inspo ideas on your phone for the big day.

Don’t wear your best shoes, they WILL get ruined, always invest in a nice cheap pair you don’t mind throwing away after the festival, I learned the hard way when I wore my new pair of white trainers to Park Life in Manchester one year…schoolboy error”.

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June 21st 2017 - by @CollectPlus