Shopping Guide | November 21st 2017

Gift Guide For Pets | Christmas With CollectPlus

The last thing you want to do this Christmas is leave your furry friend without any presents. You spend hours worrying about what to gift your Uncle Steve and Nanny Peggy so don’t forget your little bundle of joy who is always happy to see you walk through the door. Whether its food related (you know they’ll be happy with that) or cute accessories, we have got the ultimate gift guide for pets.

No one wants to be walking round the smelly pet aisle either, that’s why all of these items are available to Click & Collect to your nearest CollectPlus point. So just select your chosen store and collect your order at the most convenient time for you.


Squeaky Animal Toy £19 at Orvis

A squeaky toy for your lovely pet is an absolute winner this Christmas. We just love how cute the monkey is.

Personalised Super Absorbant Pet Towel £12.99 at Very

Hands-up who doesn’t love the smell of wet dog (or cat)? These super-absorbent pet friendly mini towels will be a welcome addition to any home with an adventurous quadruped in residence.

Personalised Double Pet Bowl £12.99 at Very

Everything is personalised these days, and your pet’s din-dins should be no different.


Catnip jingle toys £6.99 at John Lewis

If you and the family are planning to enjoy a tipple this Christmas, it’s only fair that your cat should get to let his or her fur down too, and indulge in some of the good stuff. These paw-friendly jingling toys from John Lewis will soon send kitties into a catnip coma…

cat christmas gifts


Barbour Tartan Dog Bandana £20 at House of Fraser

For the stylish rural hound, this miniature bandana from Barbour comes in classic tartan that will ensure he looks dapper on the dog-walk.

Barbour Dog Cologne £13 at House of Fraser

If your pooch is partial to puddles (however muddy and yucky), this canine cologne will quickly deal with any unwelcome odours.

Pet London Reindeer Toy £8 at John Lewis

Want to distract the dog from your own gifts, clothing or Christmas dinner? This festive toy should keep him or her occupied for hours.

Fred & Ginger Dog Friendly Yule Log Treats £4.50 at John Lewis

Make sure it’s not just the humans that get to enjoy a special feast this Christmas: these doggy yule logs are a great way to let Fido join in the fun.

Personalised Dog Lead Hanger £12.99 at Littlewoods

Complete your pet-friendly home with this cute, customisable lead hanger from Littlewoods – great for those forgetful owners who keep losing the leesh.

Rosewood Christmas Pudding Pet Toy £2.99 at John Lewis

Make playtime more festive than ever with this colourful pudding pet toy from John Leiws.

November 21st 2017 - by @CollectPlus