Guest posts | March 6th 2019

Home Fragrance | By Beauty By The Bunny

“Fragrance is something that we all care about. We can be so fussy over what our bodies smell like, but what our home environment smells like is also important. I love to make sure that my house smells beautiful and I hope that visitors pick up on it and get a good impression from my home. I’ve picked out some of my favourites that you can Click & Collect to a CollectPlus Point near you.

There are candles all over my house – from tea lights to huge ones, everywhere you go you will see a candle. I like to have a variety of scents so that the scent of my home can match my mood. I’ve even got my other half into loving candles and understanding that the house should smell nice at all times. Admittedly, when it comes to candles, I do like expensive ones but there are so many to match your budget that you can have a beautifully scented home for as little or as much money as you want to spend.

Jo Malone are always my first port of call when it comes to candles as they are beautifully fragranced, fill the room and they make me happy. I’m not even going to admit to how many of their candles are in this house but it’s safe to say that I adore them. I have them in all sizes possible, but my favourite size are the Deluxe 3 wick ones as they last ages and give off the perfect scent throw. Lime Basil & Mandarin (£120.00) is a relatively new favourite but it is gorgeous. You get the citrus tones of the Mandarin, the earthiness of the Basil and there’s a beautiful Amber base giving off just the right level of woodiness.

Our homes are our haven and our safe place and it’s where we recharge our bodies and our minds. Fragrance can help a lot with this and whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious, I light a candle to help me relax. The Elemis Life Elixir Clarity Candle (£36.00) is my go to for when I need to clear my mind and focus. It uplifts, invigorates and inspires creativity and as I work from home, having the scent throughout my space really does help. It contains 8 pure essential oils including Bitter Orange and Ginger and if you want your home to smell beautiful whilst also reaping the mood benefits, then this is for you.

Along with Jo Malone, I do love Diptyque and have quite a few of their candles throughout the house. If you’ve never smelt one of their candles then you are missing out. They make your home smell amazing and everyone always comments on them. One of my current favourites has to be the Tuberose Rouge (£62.00). Not only does it come in a beautiful red glass jar, it smells so so good. You really get the smell of the flowers and the scent fills the house making everywhere smell so pretty.

Floral and citrus scents always work well together and make your home smell warm and inviting but with a nice hint of freshness. The This Works Neroli & Sweet Orange candle (£25.00) is a beautiful candle with the loveliest scent. It’s not overpowering and the Neroli balances the Sweet Orange perfectly. It also helps to de-stress you so you get a nice calm feeling whilst it is burning and are left feeling uplifted.

I always like to have a selection of smaller candles in the house as they are great for when you are travelling. When we went away at Christmas, I filled the apartment with candles as I like to feel at home and relaxed wherever I am and candles do that for me. The Paddywax Pepper & Oak candle (£13.00) is stunning and more masculine than the other candles I’ve mentioned. Whilst I definitely prefer more feminine fragrances, I am aware that sometimes my partner would like something that smells a bit deeper and this one is perfect.

If you’re not a fan of candles (can’t relate), then diffusers are a great alternative. Now I have tried many a diffuser in my time and a lot of the time I can’t smell them … it drives me mad. However, once again, Jo Malone have come through with their Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround Reed Diffuser (£62.00). OK, so they are pricey but as soon as I enter the room I can smell it. I’ve had mine since my birthday in November and it’s still going strong. Pomegranate Noir is one of my favourite scents in both perfume and candles, so the diffuser just completes my love.

You can also get some gorgeous room sprays to add to the wonderful scent of your home – I have my eye on some lovely ones … I just need to stop buying candles first! So let’s all embrace having homes that smell as amazing as we do.”

March 6th 2019 - by @CollectPlus