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How to de-clutter your makeup bag and buy pieces wisely

Does your makeup bag need a bit of a spring clean? Beauty blogger Hayley Carr AKA London Beauty Queen has been sharing her top tips on how to declutter your makeup.

It’s easy to find yourself with a pile of makeup on your dressing table or bathroom shelf, after investing in all those ‘must have’ pieces and snapping up bargains galore. When there’s too much choice it’s often overwhelming so we stick to what we know, reaching for the same things over and over again while refusing to experiment. If this sounds like you, keep reading for some advice on how to de-clutter your make-up collection.

If it’s old or knackered, chuck it out

Contradictory to what many of us think, makeup has a ‘use by’ date and needs to be thrown away within two years of purchase – much less for mascaras, foundations and eyeliners. If you can’t remember when you bought it, it’s too old and needs to go in the bin. If it looks like it’s falling apart or you’d be embarrassed to get it out in public, throw it away. Be ruthless and (although painful) the result will leave a feeling of clarity.

Sort out the collectables from the usable

We all have those limited edition lipsticks, beautiful compacts and palettes that cost us an arm and a leg but have never been opened. That’s ok. Distinguish those makeup and beauty items you want to keep and box them up away from your day-to-day stash; if they’re floating around it means they could get damaged, contaminated or simply prevent you from seeing that gem you’d totally forgotten about. I recommend an air tight container that you can store away and re-visit when you need a little moment to yourself.

Will you use that purple liner?

So you’ve sorted out the trash, stored away the pretty bits you can’t bring yourself to use… Now it’s time to get ruthless. Sort through every item you own and ask yourself the question: “Am I going to use this in the next 3-6 months?” If the answer is no, get rid of it. It may be wild colours of makeup, that bright pink lipstick you thought was a good idea at the time, the overnight cream that brought you out in a rash or the eye cream that smells a bit funny – it doesn’t matter, put it to one side. Either donate it to your loved ones, or if it’s unused you can send it to one of many charities or women’s shelters where it could put a smile on someone’s face.

Make it easy to see

If you’ve done your sorting effectively you should be left with a capsule collection of products that you know you’re going to use. To make it easier, why not sort them into looks and keep together with transparent bands – or even better, invest in some transparent containers so you can see what you’re up against every morning. Chucking everything into a massive old cosmetics bag is not the answer; store your collection in a way in which you’re proud to display.

If you’ve cleared our your stash but are tempted to go out and splurge to make up for it, you may want to read my top tips for buying wisely first!

  1. Is it something you need, or are you buying it just because it’s cheap or on offer? Don’t just make purchases because they feel good, only buy what you’re going to use up to the very last drop.
  1. Only buy multiples if you know you’re going to get through them all; 3 for 2 is so tempting, but if you’re buying that extra product just to get a freebie it’s actually more expensive than buying it singularly.
  1. Some things are worth investing in: foundation, skincare, pampering body products, perfume. Thinking you can scrimp and still achieve the same effect doesn’t always work, as often you’re left with stuff that doesn’t ever see the light of day.
  1. Shop with friends – and that includes online. Often you get discounts, free shipping, samples or gifts if you spend over a certain amount, so buying together can offer you multiple benefits.
  1. Look at what you’ve already got at home before you make any purchase – if you’ve already got four highlighters hidden away for a rainy day, you really don’t need another.

Are you all clean, tidy, organised and ship shape? You’re welcome.

Written by Hayley Carr from (@LBQblog)


February 3rd 2017 - by @CollectPlus