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How To Look London Fashion Week Ready All Day | Sinead Crowe

It’s that time of year again where we all obsess over new season fashion trends and designs: London Fashion Week is here. We caught up with Sinead Crowe of Love Style Mindfulness to find out how she looks fashion week ready all day, despite the chaos of it all.

“When thinking about LFW and LFW street style in particular, it’s a tough one to call for those of us who don’t have a hotel room laiden with outfits to change at a minutes notice, car in waiting. You want something you can put on at 9am, even earlier if you travel in from outside of London, and take through to the evening. Maybe switching out for some chic heels for the parties.


I’ve put together my top 5 tips for being street style ready before 9am and most importantly, staying that way! For me, its all about simplicity and comfort . .  no one looks chic in hobbling around no matter how on trend those shoes are. I decided to go with a super simple look as I often think those are the best and it’s super easy when you’re thinking about your LFW street style outfits to go above and beyond what you normally wear and end up as part of the LFW street style circus. I’ve stuck with the classic blue jeans, white shirt combo with a trend on top . . you’ve got to have something that swooshes when you walk past the cameras right?


The most important thing to consider is your face and where you want it to be. That’s on your face incase you were wondering. I’ve got two die hard products I love and know will always be there for me to rely on for when I need to look #flawless all day long. This Mac studio sculpt foundation (£27.50 at ASOS) is an absolute dream, good coverage without being too thick and a staying power that out lasts mid day naps . . yes ladies, I’ve tried and tested this theory. And what’s a good foundation without a good powder? My all time favourite is the NARS loose powder (£28 at ASOS), I always get the feeling that loose powder just lasts longer you know?


So if like me you’ve gone for a simple laid back look that’s easy to transition from day to night then you’re going to want to accessorize. Think statement bags, earrings  . .  the lot! I went for a statement bag in this case and this Marc Jacobs camera bag (£270 at Very Exclusive) has the coolest embroidered strap that instantly adds so much to the outfit! It actually fits way more in it than you’d think considering the size as well!


Now I nearly added statement shoes to my accessories section but honestly I think your shoe choice is so so important. Too many times I’ve had my day ruined by uncomfortable shoes, and that’s not to say that comfy shoes can’t be statement too! There’s so many pairs of the ugly/giant trainer trend that are majorly statement and also I can imagine super comfy! I went for my trusty Supergas! (£56.99 at Office) I think the platform adds a bit of interest to them and they’re just so comfy, it was an obvious choice!


There’s nothing worse than nailing your LFW street style look and then getting the photos and what’s that? Oh you’re eyes are half shut in every photo! No, it won’t do. You’ve got to wear sunglasses (£20 at ASOS), it’s the best way to avoid the dreaded eye situation and ups your chances of getting a decent shot in the bag. Make it a statement by wearing some chic glasses like this pair of micro sunnies. Super cute and also functional!


I always make sure I have some colour on my lips. I never used to be a massive lipstick wearer but it’s funny how much more alive and well you can look with a bit of colour on your lips even if it’s just a neutral colour like Mac’s Velvet Teddy lipstick (£10 at ASOS) which I like to call your lips but better. I now always carry around a lipstick for regular top ups to keep me looking alive! Especially after a heavy night the night before which lets face it, can happen a lot at LFW!

I hope you guys found my LFW street style tips helpful! My entire outfit and everything linked can be delivered with the CollectPlus, a service that allows you to click and collect your orders from your favourite stores to your local store or garage. I personally use my local BP garage as it’s open from early until late which means I can collect whenever I need to! It saves me wasting so much time waiting in for the delivery man who let’s face it, always give you a slot from 8am-6pm!!”


New Look Trench Coat £49.99 at ASOS

Oversized White Shirt £12.99 at New Look

Levis Jeans £59.50 at ASOS

Marc Jacobs Cross Body Bag £270 at Very Exclusive

Navy Supergas £56.99 at Office

Micro Sunglasses £20 at ASOS

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation £27.50 at ASOS

NARS Loose Powder £28 at ASOS

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick £10 at ASOS

September 12th 2018 - by @CollectPlus