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How To Throw a Peaceful, Child-Friendly BBQ | This Is Mothership

What a difference some sunshine makes! One of the best things about summer is the fact that when the sun comes out, everyone plays and eats outside. Sam only hosts play dates with more than 1 kid at her house in the summer – it means the mess stays outside and kids can’t ransack her house.

With this in mind, last weekend we decided to get both TIM families together for a BBQ at Gemma’s  – and it was so easy.  The dads cooked with the older kids, the babies were entertained by a few new garden toys and we sat in the corner and actually managed to have a chat.



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The only thing is, who actually has the time to get their act together and get ready for hosting a BBQ.  These days you can easily get your food shopping delivered to your door but when it comes to other kinds of outdoor paraphernalia, we’ve worked out that CollectPlus can send it all to the nearest pick up point to your home.  So you don’t need to sit in and wait for a delivery, just pick a day that suits you and it will all be there waiting for you.

We are huge fans of CollectPlus and use it for most of our online orders. We all know that online shopping is the easiest way to go when you have small kids running around – how did our parents cope without it?! But being able to choose the location  and date that you collect your parcel from makes it a million times easier.  We both have CollectPlus locations that are a 2 minute drive from us. So when we pop to the shops to collect milk and nappies, we also can grab our parcels.

Also, if it’s not quite right then all you have to do it wrap it up, stick on the CollectPlus label and drop it off. No need to wait in any long queues! Also, most CollectPlus Points open early and stay open late. So simple! Best #mumhack ever!!


So we’ve found the secret to getting our kids to eat and it’s getting them involved with making the food.  Leo and Belle love a BBQ in general but we bought little burger patty stamps £4.99 at Aldi which meant they could get fully involved and invested in which one was their burger. It meant clean plates all round.

When you have kids over to eat outside, we always find it easier to get them to eat on the floor rather at tables that are too big for them. We found these really cute playmats £9.99 at Aldi that the kids could colour in while they waited for their burgers to cook. It folds up so it’s great for travel and the crayon comes off  in the washing machine making it completely re-usable.


Our poor second babies are so neglected that they only ever get to play with hand-me-down toys (poor Ace plays with Belle’s toys most of the time) so we splashed out and bought them a few new ones.

First up, Gemma got Ace a scuttlebug £19.99 at John Lewis in a nice green colour (and because matches the green grass so doesn’t stand out too badly in the garden!!) It takes up barely any space and folds down completely flat so it’s a complete winner in a smaller garden with no storage.  Next up was the pirate table £30 at John Lewis which is brilliant for the babies hand eye coordination.

Obviously what was meant for the babies, Belle and Leo immediately got involved with too.

Secondly, what kids doesn’t love bubbles? Or adults for that matter.  This bubble machine £15.99 at John Lewis was so much better than the others we’ve seen  – the bubbles were HUGE.  To be completely honest, while the kids ate we just sat in the corner and watched the bubbles ourselves. Very therapeutic!

Happy summer everyone! Time to get your garden ready.


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