Fashion | April 10th 2015

How to wear flares with Coco’s Tea Party and CollectPlus

Here at CollectPlus we believe in making the online shopping experience as effortless and convenient as possible, helping to bring the latest trends and must-have fashion items closer to you. With more than 5,800 local shops in our network, you’re never far from a CollectPlus store, making us an ideal choice for those who can’t just put life on hold to wait in for deliveries, and don’t want to spend their lunch hours standing in returns queues.

How to wear flares with Coco’s Tea Party

Ella Gregory of leading fashion blog Coco’s Tea Party is certainly no stranger to the online shopping experience, and in our video she explains how our service gets around the problem of shopping sprees that simply wouldn’t fit through the letter box. To demonstrate how CollectPlus fits into her busy life she shares with us her expert tips for the coming season, including advice on how to wear one of spring/summer 2015’s hottest trends: the flares revival. Check out the video here.

Also on a denim theme, Ella talks about another key look for spring/summer 2015: the pencil skirt:

April 10th 2015