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International Day Of Friendship | Samio & Onyi

Today we are celebrating International Day of Friendship and we couldn’t think of a better excuse to catch up with fashion bloggers Samio and Onyi. We absolutely love their friendship and it’s clear they really are the best of friends.

We asked the girls to style each other and give us the inside scoop on their life as besties. We think they look absolutely beautiful and loved finding out how they have inspired and influenced each other.

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How would you describe your friend’s style?

Samio: I’d describe Onyi’s style as urban/bohemian. She mixes floaty dresses with urban more style pieces really well.

Onyi: I’d describe Samio’s style as dressy but practical. She has a talent for putting looks together in a unique way that really inspires me to add pieces I wouldn’t have otherwise considered to my closet.

What do you love about her style?

Samio: I like the practicality element to Onyi’s style. She has an eye for cute pieces that are also super wearable.

Onyi: I love that she can make something so basic like a cami or jeans look so elegant but still very much relatable.

What would you like to see her wearing more of?

Samio: Onyi loves her flats but she looks great in heels too. Plus I wear heels a lot but I’m pretty tall, so when we are together it would help me out a bit haha.

Onyi: I’d love to see Samio wear a hat. Mostly because I’m obsessed with hats. I’m also curious to see how she’d style it cause I do love her unique way of pairing pieces. Plus, it means we finally get a picture of both of us rocking a hat in our own way.

How has your friend’s style influenced you?

Samio: I think we each have our own way of dressing but with some similar elements. It’s usually more a case of us being influenced to shop from the same places. If we discover somewhere new online, or see each other wearing pieces we like, we’ll tend to check out each other’s recommendations. So now we do shop from a lot of the same stores as each other.

Onyi: Samio’s style really made me understand the importance of staple pieces which never go out of season. It means I get more wear out of my outfits. It’s made me better at investing in fashion pieces.

Do you borrow each other’s clothes?

Samio: We don’t borrow each other’s clothes but we do have a couple of similar pieces as each other. We tend to style things differently though, and say we were to go for the same item, I’d go for it in one colour and Onyi would go for it in another. I quite like seeing our different styles that way.

Onyi: We don’t borrow each other’s clothes. But I have tied her scarf on one occasion for one of our “iconic” tea self portraits. Having said that, we have a few similar pieces which we tend to style in our own way. And we tend to shop in the same stores more often than not.

Which was your favourite piece that you picked for this shoot?

Samio: I love the espadrille wedges. I have a pair that I wear all the time, so I know that Onyi will love hers and they’ll go with just about anything throughout the summer!

Onyi: My favourite was the handbag. Samio loves a bag that can handle her DSLR, laptop and other items. I know she’ll definitely put it to good use which means I’ll be seeing more of it when we meet for a catch up or another “iconic” tea self portrait.


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