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Beauty investment pieces that are worth the splurge

We all love a bargain, but there are times when a cheap and cheerful lippy just won’t cut it. Hayley Carr AKA London beauty Queen is here to share her tips on investment beauty, and when it’s worth spending a little extra for quality products that can make a real difference to your regime.

It’s hard to navigate the beauty space, understanding where you should be investing and where you should be saving – but I’m here to help. I’ve identified five key areas that I believe (after over ten years working in the industry) are worthy of investment to provide both immediate and long term pleasure.

investment beauty pieces


Although you can get some great foundations on the high street, it’s my belief that if you want to get the perfect match (in terms of colour, coverage and finish) then it’s worth spending a little more. Mass market beauty brands tend to only over a capsule collection of colour and can only hold a handful of different finishes, which means your choice is limited. Not only do the more premium brands tend to offer a more superior finish thanks to their investment in technology, but you’ll be able to get the perfect match for your needs. Particularly as we age, we can’t get away with cheap and cheerful formulas that move and crease throughout the day; it’s the investment that you won’t believe you’ve never made before.


The secret to a glowing, radiant and flawless complexion starts with your skincare regime; no amount of makeup can correct what’s underneath, so it’s worthy of investment. Although you can definitely save on your moisturiser (at the end of the day it just needs to hydrate,) your eye cream and serum should be targeted and be full of ingredients that are going to help you look your best. Anything that costs less than a tenner will generally speaking not have a high enough concentration of the good stuff to really make a difference, so spend wisely and invest in your skin now – for better results in the years to come.


A controversial one, but I really believe a great lipstick is worth a few extra quid. Although there are some stonking formulas out there for less than a fiver, they often don’t have the lasting power, comfort or sensorial experience that makes application so dreamy. Once you find your shade (every woman should have a red, nude and pink in her collection) you’ll keep turning back to it time and time again. Generally more expensive formulas are enriched with hydrating elements and a higher percentage of pigment, meaning the result is stronger, more comfortable and longer lasting. Definitely one to consider adding to your investment beauty list.


I’ve become a bit of a perfume snob as I’ve aged, but that’s because I now appreciate and understand the difference a great scent can bring. Investing in more bespoke, unique and classic scents will give you a fragrance identity and provide more pleasure in your morning spritz. Slightly more expensive scents will have a higher concentration of fragrance, meaning you need less on your skin but it will last a lot longer. If you can bring yourself to avoid celebrity scents or those from big marketing campaigns, you’ll find a perfume that is much more likely to become your signature and stay with you throughout the year – rather than feeling like you have to update it every season.


If you suffer with limp, lacklustre, frizzy or dull hair, then your cheap and cheerful shampoo and conditioner may be weighing you down. Many of the big names pump tons of silicone and sulphates into their formulas, which strip the surface of hair while coating it to achieve shine; this leaves hair dull, lifeless and hard to manage over time. Investing in a great quality shampoo that cleanses without stripping is always the first step towards hair rehab, while a conditioner that adds nutrients to benefit hair in the long-term as well as after every wash is a great idea. Look out for the brands you see in the hairdresser, as well as those that are deemed ‘professional’ quality.

So if those are the areas you should be investing in, where can you save? When it comes to makeup, lipgloss, mascara, blush and bronzer are easy to pick up from the high street brands – there’s no real difference in formulas or results, you just pay extra for some pretty packaging. You can also save on your moisturisers (face and body) as their job is simple: to add hydration. Anything more isn’t necessary, so save your pennies for something more fancy. You can also save on hair styling products, bath treats and nail care – as there are so many brands that offer truly effective results without costing a small fortune. It’s just about making informed decisions that will make both your body and your bank balance happy.

Do you invest in any of these five beauty areas yourself? Or do you have something else entirely on your investment beauty list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Hayley Carr from (@LBQblog)

March 1st 2017 - by @CollectPlus