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Maternity Beauty Must-Haves | Beauty Junkie London

Pregnancy undoubtedly brings a lot of change to a woman’s body, and it’s not just the size of your belly that changes: your skin may react to products differently and you may need to change up your skincare. Jen Thorne of Beauty Junkie London is here on the blog to tell us all about the beauty products she has used throughout her pregnancy and share the maternity beauty must-haves that work for her.

“Being pregnant means a whole bunch of life changes happening, one of which is switching up your beauty routine – sometimes drastically, sometimes in more subtle ways. The choices on what you do very much comes down to the individual but there are a few key additions to my personal pregnancy skin and body care routines that I’ve loved and wanted to share from the past few months.

So this month’s must-have beauty edit is a bit of a pregnancy special for you. But the good news is that it’s not exclusively for anyone who is pregnant, these are pampering and skin loving treats that work just as well for anyone who maybe has sensitive skin or just needs an extra dose of hydration after a long winter wrapped up under layers and layers of clothes.

When it comes to pregnancy beauty and body routines the first thing that springs to mind is stretch marks. Or more specifically, products you can slather on to try and prevent them. It’s pretty amazing the amount of ‘give’ your skin has to be able to accommodate the growing baby but there are a few products specifically to help keep skin elastic and stretch without leaving marks behind afterwards. So far *touches wood* I am stretch mark free – and whilst I’m not ‘out of the woods’ on that front yet. These are the products I’ve been enjoying for this so far:

Mama Mio Tummy Rub – A classic, specifically designed for pregnant skin. So doesn’t contain any ingredients or essential oils that you might be more sensitive to when pregnant. They actually just launched a fragrance-free version of the Mama Mio Tummy Rub too which is perfect if you want to keep away from fragrance altogether. It’s a rich cream that absorbs straight in.

Perfect if you want to hydrate your bump, but prefer not to use oily texture products. Plus there’s nothing to say you can’t slather it all over – not just on the tummy.

One of the ‘side effects’ of pregnancy I’ve found is my overall skin being a bit more dehydrated than usual. So finding body oils that are great for the bump, don’t contain any irritant type of products but are also good for all over has been ideal. There are two in particular I’ve really loved the Elemis Camelia Body Oil and ESPA Nourishing Body Oil.

Both great options for all over hydration with the main difference just coming down to preference. The Elemis Oil has a slight touch more scent to it than the ESPA one. But both are great – these oils are both ideal if you just want to pamper your post-winter skin a bit too. SO hydrating and absorb really quickly so no greasy skin after.

If perhaps you might not be pregnant but you know someone who is you might fancy treating them to a little pick me up present or baby shower gift. There’s a gorgeous brand called Bloom & Blossom that has some beautiful pregnancy friendly products that can be bought individually but they also do some fab Bloom & Blossom gift sets.

With a selection of products from fragrance-free luxurious shower gels, to sleep sprays (anything that helps with sleep in pregnancy will be welcomed with open arms!) and bump hydrating lotions and potions. One of my favourites from the range is the bath oil. Anything to escape for an hour with a warm bath that leaves my skin feeling silky after is a winner. Plus a nice warm (not hot) bath really helps ease things like backache. Win-win!

Then when it comes to facial skincare, there are a few products that are ruled out when pregnant. So it’s worth checking what the latest advice on these is. Keeping things simple has been my main approach and one I’ve been loving is the Pai Rosehip Oil – my skin absolutely loves it and it doesn’t contain any ingredients that you’re likely to be sensitive to during pregnancy. Great as a drop with your day cream or slathered on overnight. I’ve also applied to my hands with some cream at night to help give them a boost.

I’ve also found that the cult classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has become a staple for me over the last few months. With drier skin than usual having a multi-task balm like this to hand for lips and cuticles has been really useful. One I’ll be keeping in my routine beyond baby being born!

Last but by no means least is another Elemis product that I’ve really enjoyed in the last few weeks of pregnancy and plan to take in my hospital bag. The Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel – a lightweight gel that feels amazing after a day walking around on legs and feet. Or on days where I feel like I’m a walking radiator… I have visions of this coming in handy for a refreshing boost in labour! Though time will tell if I have the sense to actually use it in the moment! But if you’re pregnant in warmer months of the year then this will be amazing for you!

Of course, ALL of these pregnancy products are available via the Click & Collect service so you can order online from one of the many retailers and have your package delivered at your convenience… now if only having a baby was *quite* as well organised and convenient!”


March 2nd 2018 - by @CollectPlus