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National Sibling Day | Sinead and Lauren Crowe

Today is National Sibling Day and to celebrate we’ve caught up with fashion bloggers (and sisters!) Sinead and Lauren Crowe to discuss their childhood and growing up as fashionistas. A sibling relationship is a special bond that only you understand and no matter how much you bicker or argue, you’ll always have each other’s backs. Unsurprisingly, the Crowe sisters are no exception to this. For this feature, we asked the girls to dress each other and it’s clear they both know their sister’s style down to a tee.

The girls give us an insight into their relationship, their style and how one of them even had to add a padlock to her wardrobe to stop items going missing! Sinead and Lauren’s outfits are both available to Click & Collect to your nearest CollectPlus store too which means you don’t have to worry about staying in for a delivery – just pick it up at a convenient time for you.

(From left to right: Sinead and Lauren Crowe)

How would you describe your sister’s style?

Sinead: I would say Lauren’s style is super fun and laid back. She can pretty much make anything work. I think her dream life is in another place like LA and she definitely dresses for that vibe like, cool LA girl style!

Lauren: I would say Sinead’s style is effortlessly cool and comfortable, she always has a really relaxed vibe but still looks really well put together! Sinead definitely puts comfort first!

What do you love about your sister’s style?

Sinead: She’s really good at putting pieces together and just looking effortlessly cool and not too “done”.  She’s also mastered the art of wearing a beret without looking like a total knob which I really need to get some lessons on!

Lauren: I really love Sinead’s ability to just thrown on jeans, T-shirt and trainers and then add a designer hand bag and look a million dollars, she’s the queen of mixing high street and designer (also the queen of finding the best dupes out there).

What would you like to see your sister wearing more of?

Sinead: I honestly feel like there’s nothing she doesn’t wear! Perhaps some more tailoring and also her own brand! She has her own lingerie brand she should wear more of that it looks so sexy under shirts or t shirts and with her figure she should totally be flaunting it!

Lauren: I’d like to see Sinead dress up more and have fun with her feminine sexy side, she always thinks she can’t pull it off but she definitely can, I’d like to see her have a good night out in a little black dress and heels!

How has your sister’s style inspired you?

Sinead: She always wears things in ways I wouldn’t think. She’s really creative in terms of she’ll look at something and think, I don’t like it like that but let me turn it around and wear it like this. She can always see the potential in something! Often if I don’t like something or know how to wear it I let her borrow it so she can inspire me!

Lauren: Sinead’s confidence in her style inspires me, I’m more of a people pleaser but Sinead will wear what ever she wants even if her fiancé is like ‘what the hell are you wearing?’ I dress more for whatever occasion it is but Sinead wears whatever she wants whenever she wants!

Do you steal each other’s clothes? If so, do you have particular items which keep “going missing”?

Sinead: I’d say previously we had full out wars on this but since we both live seperately now it’s not really an issue. Plus we work in blogging so the clothes supply never stops so I could easily sneak something out of her house without her noticing! I remember when I was younger I used to spend all my money on clothes where as Lauren was more of a socialite borrowing my clothes constantly. It was always the cause of so many arguments to the point that I got a padlock on my wardrobe!

Lauren: We don’t live together anymore so it’s not so easy, but when we were younger I was definitely the stealer, to the point where my mum and dad used to check what I was wearing before I left to save the arguments! (I always had her clothes in my handbag though ready to change when I left the house) Sinead even installed a little plastic padlock on her wardrobe at one point! How funny!

What was the most daring thing your sister wore, did you like it?

Sinead: There’s definitely been some crazy pieces but now when  try to think of them they all ended up being a thing, I guess she was just ahead of the curve! I remember once she got some copper metallic boots sent to my home and I opened them and cracked up! Fast forward a few months and everyone had them. Maybe I should stop laughing and take notice!

Lauren: There have been so many times Sinead has worn daring things and I’m like what are you wearing…. Then the pictures always look amazing and everyone is wearing it next week!

What was your favourite piece you picked for your sister?

Sinead: Definitely the Supergas! I think I need to get myself a pair in that colour too. I love them so much! I know she loves my espadrille ones and I think they’re so perfect for spring I think she needed them.

Lauren: My favourite piece is the jumper dress, I know Sinead loves the brand and it’s a good quality simple piece that is perfect for the transitional period. It’s also really comfy and classic which is key to Sinead’s style.


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