Consumer Features | September 25th 2014

One in four students post their dirty washing home

An independent survey conducted by the CollectPlus team found out some surprising facts about students’ parcel habits. We asked 1,000 parents in the UK who either currently have children at university or who have been to university about the parcels sent between them and their children.

We were intrigued to find that almost a quarter (24%) of students send their dirty laundry home for Mum and Dad to wash, with one in six (17%) also sending them their dry cleaning. It doesn’t end there, as parents have also revealed that a fifth (20%) also send home clothes that need repairing.


As freshers are beginning their courses at university across the country this week, most will be living away from home and their parents for the first time. However, they’re not completely cutting the apron strings just yet with almost a third (31%) receiving parcels from their parents in the first week of being away – 8% within a day! Items in these parcels will include new clothes, books, money, personal hygiene products, photos and electronics.

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus, said: “The traditional process of sending parcels can be frustrating and time consuming. When you have work and other commitments, such as childcare, to juggle there’s nothing more annoying than spending your lunch hour standing in a queue. People want a convenient and easy way to send their parcels at a time and a place that suits them and a way that fits into their day rather than their day having to be planned around sending their parcel. Our Send service allows people to do just that, by printing a label off online and then taking the parcel to a local participating store.”

September 25th 2014 - by @CollectPlus