Fashion News Retail | July 4th 2016

Out of Office: the stories you may have missed

July is here, summer is well under way and while we don’t want to tempt fate, it seems like the weather system might finally have got the memo. Time to dust down the patio chairs and crack open the warm weather wardrobe – and if it’s looking a little depleted, check out the summer sales that are popping up all over the high street and the web.

Work the summer look

Wishing you’d worn something a bit cooler to the office today? Let’s kick off with some summer workwear tips from The Pool, which should refresh your memory on what everyday summer dressing looks like.


Get more from your mall

If you do need a bit of imminent wardrobe SOS, you could be in for an experience that’s a bit more sophisticated than see it, buy it, bag it – as this interesting piece from Telegraph Fashion reports. From our very own CollectPlus lounge at Westfield to in-store yoga at Lululemon, retail is going all-out for innovation.

Check out Kylie Jenner for Puma

Puma has just launched its latest ad campaign with Kylie Jenner in the spotlight. The reality star is working a retro look complete with such 80s staples as payphones and boom-box. You can see more of the shoot over at Elle, or check out the highlights on the star’s on Instagram channel.


Serious stuff for Serial fans

If you follow the groundbreaking podcast Serial, you may be aware that the subject of its first season, Adnan Syed, has now been granted a new trial where his legal team will present a fresh case against his 1999 conviction for murder of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. If you don’t know all about the case already – and you want to get up to speed before this story makes the headlines again, there’s a great cheat sheet here from The Debrief.


Stars and stripes pool sliders

Finally, we couldn’t let the 4th July go by without at least a passing mention of American Independence Day, which is being celebrated beyond the borders of the US of A – in the form of footwear. You can pick up these super star-spangled sliders for just £18 at ASOS.


That’s it for Out of Office for now – we hope you have a fantastic week.

July 4th 2016