Consumer | March 9th 2017

Save 36 hours per year by shopping online

With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to get stuff done quickly and efficiently. While shopping might be one of our favourite pastimes, there’s no denying it can easily waste hours if we choose to browse in store. Shopping online is so much quicker, and there’s a much larger choice available too.

Here at CollectPlus we think it’s about time we all put an end to un-savvy shopping and start shopping efficiently. Thanks to online retailers, there really is no need to aimlessly spend hours in town searching for the perfect piece of clothing. In fact, our recent survey revealed that the average Brit could save 36 hours every year if they shopped online, or, in the case of shopaholics, even more. Either way, we’ve calculated that, per outfit, you can cut down your searching time by a huge 90 minutes if you choose to shop digitally.

Very shopping bag

By ditching the high street for the online world, you’ll say goodbye to queues (more than half of us will spend around 63 days waiting in one during our lifetime, by the way) and hello to a more efficient lifestyle.

So what exactly can you do with those additional 36 hours every year? It might not sound like that much, but it really can help. And, when you think about it, it’s a full day and a half you would have simply wasted.

Expand your personal library

We’ve probably all, at least one point in our lives, used the excuse of ‘not having enough time to read’ to justify our dwindling book collection. Now, thanks to your online shopping skills, you could read 8 or more books a year. Size obviously effects the number, but the average 300-page novel is said to take anywhere between three to five hours to read.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even tackle Tolstoy’s War and Peace, all 587, 287 words of it, in just under 33 hours, leaving you an extra three spare.

12 months, 12 recipes

Have you always wanted to recreate a specific meal from your favourite restaurant or learn how to make a dish that keeps catching your eye on Instagram? If you put aside three hours every single month, you could learn 12 new recipes in one year.

Take a few minutes to search for the ingredients, add them to your weekly online shop and then make sure you save some time to devour your creation afterwards.

Master a new make-up technique

Never quite managed to get the hang of contouring? Why not spend some of your new-found time finally mastering the skill. There are so many channels on YouTube that can teach you a whole range of hair and beauty techniques, and with a little bit of practice you’ll be rocking halo eyes, strobed cheeks and fishtail braids in no time at all.

Become tech savvy

Become a tech whizz and put 36 hours to good use by learning the basics of coding, giving your blog a makeover or even taking that leap into the YouTube world and starting your own channel. Whatever you’re into, ditch the endless Facebook scrolling and use the internet wisely to learn something new.

Go to the gym (finally)

We all declare that we’re simply too busy to go to the gym now and again. But with those extra 36 hours spare, we really have no excuse to avoid exercise any longer.  Whether you’re into yoga or enjoy HIIT training, taking care of your health and fitness levels is a brilliant way to utilise your time.

Better yet, going to the gym so often gives us all the perfect excuse to invest in some new gym clothes. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us.

Enjoy brunch with friends

You don’t necessarily have to learn something new to spend your time efficiently and it’s just as important to make time for friends. Treat yourself to brunch and enjoy a good old catch-up with a bestie you haven’t seen in a while. You could even catch a movie together afterwards or walk around a local museum.

Say goodbye to the queues and mindless waiting and say ‘no’ to long, unproductive trips into town. With so many of us beginning 2017 with the intention of using our time more efficiently, choosing to shop online is a savvy choice. Find the piece you love in a fraction of the time and then use the rest to achieve your goals, learn a new life skill and complete the jobs that need to be done.

March 9th 2017 - by @CollectPlus