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Secrets Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Busy days require restful nights – and we all know that’s ideally six to eight hours of sleep. It’s been proven that sleep is a seriously important foundation block to good mental and physical health, so how can you maximise those hours of shuteye? Beth Squires shares a few simple sleep tips you can try individually or combine to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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Try A Calming Cuppa

Let’s start with something simple. It can so often be hard to switch your brain off. Your day can be complete, any kids you have are in bed, but your mind is still racing on the events of the day. Brew a cup of nighttime tea – I love Pukka Night Time (£2.45 at Holland & Barrett) and Clipper Sleep Easy (£1.29 at Holland & Barrett) – then grab a notepad (£4 for 3 at Marks & Spencer) and write down everything you’re thinking about.

Noting down your thoughts can help ease your mind and release those worries. You’ll know you can pick it up again in the morning if you need to. Try ending your notes by writing down something that happened during the day that you were thankful for for a positive boost. It’s not something you need to (or will remember to) do every night, but it can be a simple helpful thing when you can’t get off to sleep.

It’s Easy As CBD

CBD is a huge buzzword right now, proven to help treat anxiety and other health complaints – so it can definitely be helpful for a restful night’s sleep. The compound CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, but these oils have 0% of the psychoactive compound THC present, so no paranoia or highs. When taken at night, the results can be a wonderful unbroken night’s sleep – it’s worked brilliantly for me and a few of my friends.

I’ve tried two oils – you drop or spray them under your tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow with water. The ‘distinctive taste’ of the Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil (5%) (£22.49 at Holland & Barrett) – which honestly tastes pretty… well, herby – could put you off, but the effects of a few drops under the tongue are so totally worth it. However, if the idea of a not-so-great taste truly puts you off, you can try the spray bottle and mint flavoured Holistic Herb Premium CBD Oral Spray Mint (3.3%) (£29.99 at Holland & Barrett) which isn’t quite as strong but has similar effects and a much nicer taste! If you often wake up during the night, this could totally be your answer.

Breathe Deep

While I do turn to other methods, aromatherapy is my first tried and tested method of easing into relaxation after a long stressful day. I go for a long bath with a great podcast on and a capful of the spendy-but-totally-worth-it Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil (£49 at John Lewis) in the water. Nothing relaxes me like that beautifil blend of vetiver, camomile and sandalwood, which comes in a ‘Light’ fragrance also. You can add some Magnesium Flakes (£3.99 at Holland & Barrett) to your bath too, which help relieve tension and relax muscles, as well as aiding skin health.

If you’re not a bath person you can rub the Deep Relax oil on your skin before you jump in the shower for the same benefits, or you could try the Roller Ball (£18 at John Lewis) for pulse points. For another great scent-related sleep inducer, try the pillow sprays by thisworks. The Super Sleep set (£15 at John Lewis) contains both the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help you fall asleep and Sleep Plus Pillow Spray to restore sleeping patterns – double benefits!


Love The Cool Side Of The Pillow?

I don’t know about you, but I sleep better after I’ve turned the pillow over just before I drop off – the cooler side is so soothing. Silk pillowcases (£40 at John Lewis) have recently become super popular in the beauty world because of their haircare and skincare benefits – but my favourite thing about them is that they stay pretty cool in comparison to my regular pillow. (An extra benefit for the added expense!)

If the pillow case isn’t for you, you can do what I do – I often wear a black Marks and Spencer slip with Cool Comfort Technology (£22.50 at Marks & Spencer) to bed – super comfortable, feels cool against the skin (yes, like the cool side of the pillow) but not cold, and has the bonus of being perfect to wear in its original use of under dresses for day too. Need a bit more warmth in your life? You can’t beat a hot water bottle on a cold night – this one from John Lewis (£18 at John Lewis) has a super snuggly soft cover for even more comfort.

Speaking Of Comfort…

When’s the last time you switched up your bedding? Nearly any mattress can be redeemed by a soft mattress topper (£90 for a double at John Lewis), which can make your bed even more cosy, and replacing your pillows regularly can ease so many neck and shoulder aches and pains. Make sure your mattress tog is right for the time of the year – heavier in winter, lighter in summer – and ensure that your bedding covers are soft and comfortable. Does your bedroom window let in light? A silky comfy eyemask (£8 at ASOS) can help block out any extra light and make sure you stay asleep through to your alarm.


Switch Up Your Dinner Recipes

But what about dinner time? Food can affect your sleep patterns too. The authors of Eat To Sleep (£12.99 at ASOS)  have compiled 80 recipes that will help you sleep well at night, based on foods rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin D and potassium, among others. You won’t find any sleep-inhibiting factors such as artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, or big heavy meals within the pages, but you will get lots of inspiration for light delicious dinners that won’t affect your rest.
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