Guest posts | July 4th 2017

Splurge or save to get great makeup results?

There are so many beauty brands out there from high street to high end, so knowing where to splurge on makeup to get great results is tricky. That’s why this month we’ve asked our resident beauty expert Hayley over at London Beauty Queen to explain it once and for all.


Over the last decade or so, I’ve learned a lot of things that have changed my beauty regime for the better. I now know the importance of double cleansing, why a night cream is a must, that cat flicks are all in the hand movement and that a great brush is the secret to 99% of makeup dilemmas. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is where to invest and where to save when it comes to makeup – because it’s not always necessary to splash the cash. Although handing over your card and walking away with a beautifully wrapped compact gives you a buzz, often you’re paying as much for the branding and packaging as you are for the product inside. So how do you know where it really is worth investing and where you can save some serious cash? I’ve broken down the areas I personally think you should splurge and where it’s not, having spent the last decade of my life fully immersed in the world of lipsticks and foundations – and I hope it helps! 



 FOUNDATION: I’ve tried an endless number of foundations, but I have to admit the ones that out-perform the rest always come with a heftier price tag. In my experience it’s the premium brands that offer a huge range of shades, which allow you to find your perfect match, as well as finishes and colour enhancing undertones; high street buys can be great in your 20’s, but generally speaking it’s worth spending a little more to get a foundation you’ll treasure. 

CONCEALER: Similarly, the texture of more expensive concealers is friendlier on fine lines and generally less prone to caking. Often the ingredients used are of higher quality and the formulas have been designed for professional use, meaning the result is flawless rather than offering up an obvious panda-eye. Although there are some exceptions if you can afford to splurge it’s really worth it. 



 LIPSTICK, LIP GLOSS & LIP BALM: At the end of the day, this is gloopy stuff we apply to our lips. Its sole purpose is to coat the surface in colour, add a touch of shine or temporarily soothe away dryness. You don’t *need* a £30 lipstick, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t justify a little indulgence once in a while – because makeup is about having fun and being in the moment. 


POWDER: The main difference between a budget powder and a more expensive counterpart is how finely its milled. Unless you’re incredibly concerned about fine lines or apply a tonne over the top of your base every morning, a light dusting of even the most budget buy will suffice. I’ve been using one that costs £2.99 for years and it’s still serving me well. 


EYESHADOW: Although I love Urban Decay and Too Faced eyeshadow, there are so many budget buys available that perform practically the same; unless you’re a pro makeup artist or are looking to create super fancy looks on a daily basis, there’s no reason why a cheaper alternative won’t suffice. Premium brands charge you for the luxury of being packaged beautifully and offering up a moment of indulgence, but that’s not absolutely necessary. 


NAIL VARNISH: Premium nail polishes may elicit collective swoons, but they’re well-known in the industry for being pretty rubbish when it comes to staying power. I hardly ever write about nail varnish that’s above a fiver, because you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great finish. Some of the best brands out there include Barry M, Models Own and Rimmel – so save your cash, change your polish every week and enjoy it. 



EYELINER: I’ve tried the most expensive and the cheapest eyeliners, and cost isn’t ever an indicator of quality. Some of the pricier numbers are just as horrendous as £2.99 buys, but then some of my favourites range from a £4.99 pen to a £24.99 bottle. My best advice is just to try, find a favourite and stick to it – don’t be swayed by the price, because when it comes to eyeliner it doesn’t mean a thing!


BROW GROOMING: Although some of my most used brow tools come from Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia and Benefit, I’ve also got some fab ones from Essence, Collection and Rimmel. Depending on how sparse your brows are, what you’re after and what your budget is, it’s worth exploring different textures and finishes until you find the one that works for you. 


BLUSHER, HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR: One of the things I love most about budget beauty is the number of affordable blushers, highlighters and contouring tools. Some of the more affordable brands create amazing dupes and offer incredible textures, but that also doesn’t take away the beauty of some of the most iconic products that many of us can’t be without. (Benefit and NARS I’m looking at you.) It’s good to grab a bargain, but it’s also worth making an investment if you find your perfect shade. 


So there you have it. I hope my tips provide you with the information you need to spend wisely and make informed decisions – even if it doesn’t help you wanting the new Urban Decay palette! 

July 4th 2017 - by @CollectPlus