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Five summer beauty prep tips to get in on now

The summer holiday season isn’t that far around the corner. Before you know it your instagram feeds will be full of hotdog leg shots, tropical landscapes and burnt shoulders that really should know better, while the shops will be full of summer ensembles and tropical patterned bikinis to get you in the mood.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always left in a fluster a few days before I jet off and wonder why I didn’t plan a little more efficiently. The 48hrs before a flight inevitably involve last minute shopping trips, a dash to pick up my currency and desperate attempts to whittle down the number of shoes I can actually fit into my case. With so much to worry about you really don’t need to faff about with your beauty regime in those crucial days, so why not get super organised and ensure you’re ready to hit the beach feeling your very best.


summer beauty prep

My least favourite holiday task is remembering to shave every few days. Lying on the beach sipping a cocktail and noticing some hairs sprouting from my ankles makes me feel self conscious, even if nobody else even notices. Why not skip that altogether by investing in an IPL device that will help remove fuzz and keep skin hair free for longer? The Philips Lumea is easy to use, incredibly effective and so much more affordable than regular salon visits. For summer beauty prep par excellence, you can install one of these true investment pieces in your very own home for £525 from John Lewis.


Clinique sparkle skin

Whether or not you’re a tanner, skin always looks better when it’s buffed and moisturised. In the weeks before a beach trip, make sure you’re regularly exfoliating with a body polish such as Clinique’s Sparkle Skin to remove dead skin and encourage skin renewal; follow up with a lightweight but hard working body lotion such as L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Body Lotion, to leave skin hydrated and smooth. Not only will this help you feel body confident, but it will minimise tan fade and dryness caused by sun exposure too.


summer beauty prep revlon

After such a long stretch of time hiding your tootsies away, it can be a scary thought letting them out in public for the first time. My advice is always to go to a professional for a deep-down and intensive treatment (you can’t beat a proper pedicure,) but then invest in some tools that helps you maintain the results at home. There are so many great pedi machines that help to buff away dry skin and keep nails healthy, and most only take a few minutes a week: this PediPrep home spa from Very will be a great ally in your summer beauty prep regime. Add in to the mix a touch of cuticle oil and a shade of coral that helps any skin tone look super healthy, and you’re going to be skipping your way into the sea.


summer beauty prep burts bees

With the summer months and warmer days comes the need to change up the products you’re using – including swapping your regular foundation for a tinted moisturiser or CC Cream, and replacing that heavy lipstick with a glossy tint that smells of holidays. My personal favourites include the Clarins BB Cream which provides enough coverage to keep me feeling confident but is so much lighter and more comfortable than traditional foundations, while offering SPF 25, as well as Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm which nourishes and protects the lips.


summer beauty prep anti ageing spf

You can’t go on holiday without a selection of hardworking SPFs, so make sure you stock up and find the formulas that work for you. You should always be wearing a minimum of SPF20 (fairer skin up to SPF50) and reapplying every couple of hours; some of my favourite formulas include Ultrasun’s super sensitive and incredibly lightweight Facial Sun Cream and Vita Liberata’s Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil which helps protect while leaving behind a subtle sheen. With so many great sun products now available (that are multi-beneficial and not at all sticky) there’s no excuse not to remain protected at all times.

With these few simple steps you’ll be ready to pack up your flip flops and be on your way in no time. Just don’t forget your sun hat and a great book.

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March 15th 2017 - by @CollectPlus