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Summer Heatwave Makeup With Beauty By The Bunny

Choosing and wearing makeup in the summer has never been the easiest, but this summer seems especially difficult as it has been so hot. Now, we are not moaning about the weather because in England it’s safe to say this is not the norm and we should all be very grateful, but admittedly, we could all do with some tips and advice. So we caught up with Beauty By The Bunny to find out her favourite summer makeup that will survive the heatwave.

“Summer is here, the kids are about to finish school and the holidays are on their way.  We’re currently in the middle of a heatwave and wearing makeup hasn’t been the most fun … you can guarantee that by the afternoon it’s sliding off your face – never a good look!

So with this is mind, I’ve put together a list of products that can survive hot weather, so they’re perfect for if you’re about to jet off somewhere fancy or even if you’re having a staycation.  Now obviously there might be other products you will want to add, but these goodies make up a good basis for your summer makeup bag.

Primer is essential in the heat as it is lightweight and keeps everything in place, which you’re going to be needing.  The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is a beauty that is nice and silky and works to also conceal any redness, which is ideal if you stayed out in the sun a little bit too long.  It minimises pores, softens the appearance of wrinkles and also has a built in SPF to give you some added sun protection (you’re still going to have to use sun cream … nobody wants to get burnt).

If you can cope with foundation at the moment, then you’re a better woman than me.  In summer it’s better to go for a lighter base, (ideally oil-free), as you’re probably going to sweat and a heavy foundation is just going to end up looking a hot mess.  Tinted moisturisers are always a winner, but if you feel like you still need foundation, then Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder is what you need.  It is super light and works wonders on your skin  – you’ll look brighter, smoother and hydrated. You can slightly build up the coverage, but this is a light coverage and ideal for warmer weather.

Powder can be tricky when it’s hot.  You definitely need it but you don’t want to use anything too heavy.  I love the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette as you get 3 different powders depending on what you want, but they’re nice and light to use.  They make your skin look amazing and as they’re in a handy palette, they’re great for travelling – pressed powders aren’t going to spill in your suitcase!

I can’t get enough of bronzer, especially during the summer.  Who doesn’t want to look golden and sun kissed? The Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Gold Dust is a gorgeous bronzer and a must-have for my summer makeup bag.  The powder is silky and lightweight and adds a gorgeous warmth, as well as a subtle highlight to the complexion.

When it comes to blusher, you’re best avoiding powder formulas in the hot weather as they can just end up looking cakey.  Stains or cream formulas are your best bet and you can’t go wrong with a Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick (Las Salinas is my personal favourite).  They contain a fusion of waxes that give you a beautiful dewy finish and they also moisturise the skin and replump it.  You’re left with a beautiful flush of colour without having to use a drying powder.

I refuse to eve go without highlighter, but when it’s hot it can sometimes be difficult to get the balance right.  Too much can leave you looking too shiny or sweaty. So what do you do when you want a nice glow? You go for a MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Double Gleam is a beauty).  You can build up the coverage, so are able to control the level of glow and the liquid powder formula lasts up to 10 hours, so it has great staying power.

Eyes can be tricky at this time of year.  If you want to wear eyeshadow, then you’re definitely going to need to use an eyeshadow primer to keep the shadows in place.  The Laura Mercier Eye Basics is a great product.  It’s long-lasting, oil-free and skin smoothing and contains Vitamins A, E and C, as well as Aloe Vera and Chamomile to soothe the skin.  It’s also water-resistant, so you can have a water fight with the kids without worrying about your eye makeup.

Eyeshadow in summer isn’t always the easiest – you want to avoid dark, heavy shades and go for something quite sheer.  However, if you’re on holiday, then you’re going to need a palette for the evenings and my summer pick as to be Urban Decay Naked Heat… this palette was made for a heatwave.  You get a lovely selection of neutrals and there’s shades suitable for both day and night.  The shadows blend beautifully so you can go as sheer or heavy as you like.

Sticking with Urban Decay for mascara.  You can opt for a waterproof mascara, but I prefer Urban Decay Troublemaker.  It volumes and lengthens the lashes beautifully but the real winner is the fact that it has been designed to cope with hot and heavy conditions.  Ok, the marketing was aimed at it being sex proof, but it works for the hot weather too, so you can have gorgeous lashes and not need to worry about it melting off.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t deal with lipstick when it’s really hot.  I prefer to have something nice and lightweight on my lips, and the Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Glosses are perfect.  They’re peach-oil infused and contain peach, coconut oil and Vitamin E so feel nice and nourishing on the lips.  You can still get a flush of colour to the lips without it feeling heavy, drying or at risk of melting off.

Finally, and this is probably the most important part – setting spray.  Again, you can’t go wrong wth Urban Decay and All Nighter and Chill are your best bets.  They contain temperature control technology to keep your makeup in place even in sweltering weather.  They help to keep your makeup in place perfectly and also work well to cool you down if you give yourself a quick spritz throughout the day.

Now you can jet off on your holidays knowing that even if it is hotter than hell, you can still look gorgeous without ending up looking like an oil slick as soon as you step outside.  Enjoy your summer!”

July 5th 2018 - by @CollectPlus