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Summer Scents With Beauty By The Bunny

Summer always brings about a lot of change. Our style adapts for warmer, sunnier days and many of us even change up our hairstyle. But something we often forget about is perfume. This is ironic as a fragrance can bring back a flood of memories or remind you of being in a certain place. Well if you’re looking for some inspiration, Beauty By The Bunny is back on the blog to give us the low-down on summer scents and fresh fragrances.

“The sun is shining, the temperature is creeping up and Spring is definitely here and Summer is in sight.  The warmer weather means we can finally put our heavy Winter fragrances away and enjoy lighter, fresher scents.

I’ve put together a little list of some of the perfumes I love for the warmer months – some are quite light and some still have some body to them so there’s something for everyone.  Admittedly I could have included about 30 gorgeous fragrances, but I think you’ll find something you like in this little group.

Jo Malone Plum Blossom – £95.00

First up is a Jo Malone scent that’s had a little bit of a makeover for 2018.  They’ve just re-launched their Blossom Girls collection, which is a limited edition trio of fresh, fun florals and I defy you not to fall in love with Plum Blossom.  With notes of plum blossom, yellow plum and white musk, this is a soft scent that smells incredibly pretty. It’s quite light but the musk adds a little bit of depth that I think is perfect for the Summer months.  Jo Malone colognes are always beautiful and long-wearing and the quality shines through. There are lots of Jo Malone scents that are perfect for this time of year, like English Pear and Freesia, Grapefruit or Lime Basil and Mandarin, so you can’t go wrong.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil – £82.00

If you prefer more intense fragrances, but want to embrace the florals then Tom Ford Orchid Soleil is the one for you.  For a start, the bottle is rose gold and who doesn’t love a bit of that? I love Tom Ford scents as they are quite intense, but this still has a summery feel to it.  It’s basically the summer version of Black Orchid and it’s a much more wearable scent. The notes include orchid, vanilla, pink pepper and bitter orange and it always reminds me of warm evenings towards the end of summer.  Again, this is nice and long-wearing and will take you right through the summer months.

Chanel Chance – £110.00

If you’re into your classic brands, then Chanel have you covered.  Chance is a stunning scent that is floral (I’m sensing a theme) but also extremely fresh and light to wear.  It’s fast become one of my favourite Chanel perfumes and every woman should have a bottle. The notes include lemon, pineapple, hyacinth, jasmine and iris, so you get a gorgeous blend of citrus amongst the floral notes.  It’s an extremely feminine fragrance that works so well for the daytime – plus a bottle of this lasts a good length of time, so it’s practically purse friendly … a woman always finds a way to justify the perfume purchases!

Guerlain Mon Guerlain – £40.50 – £85.95

As much as I love florals, I do still like a bit of spice but finding a spicy floral that’s still light can be difficult, but thankfully Guerlain Mon Guerlain fits the bill perfectly.  This is very feminine without being twee or sickly – the notes of lavender, lime, jasmine sambac and sandalwood are just the most beautiful blend. It’s feminine with a modern twist and it really is such a gorgeous perfume.  This will last you through spring, summer and even into the autumn. If you’re not used to spicy scents, then this is a good place to start as it’s not overpowering and still has a fresh feel to it.

Charlotte Tilbury Scent Of A Dream – £49.00 – £96.00

Finally, I had to include Scent Of A Dream from Charlotte Tilbury.  Now it’s not just because I’m a massive Tilbury fan, but because this is a really lovely perfume.  It’s a floral chypre scent that will evoke dreams of partying on the White Isle in the late summer sun.  Charlotte promises that it will attract wealth, love and positivity and we could all do with some more of each in our lives.  There are notes of lemon, black pepper, jasmine and orange flower and it’s quite a sensual scent. Personally I wear this all year round but it really does come into it’s own in the warmer months.

The fact that summer is almost here is a great excuse to treat yourself to some new scents.  Whether you’re planning a dream holiday or having a staycation, you’re going to want to smell nice, so go on … treat yourself.”

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