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Summer Workwear With Lydia Tomlinson

The trials and tribulations of summer workwear is enough to have us all running to the glaciers of greenland, safe in our wool coats and patent loafers, escaping the confusion around warm weather and the office (two works that seemingly just don’t seem to work together in one sentence).

Okay, I exaggerate (slightly), but the message is clear: we’re crying out for summer workwear help and we struggle to find it anywhere. Well firstly, let’s reduce the hassle of a pavement-pounding, makeup-melting shopping trip and head straight to our workwear guardian angel: CollectPlus.

Ah, what a relief it is to swerve the changing rooms, avoid the pain of not being in for the delivery man, attempting to re-direct your delivery… No, no, no. Let us instead venture over to CollectPlus, where you can send your new summer workwear parcels (we’ll get to that bit in a minute), straight to your nearest pick-up point. They’re open early until late, so you can swing by en route to work or at your leisure on the weekend; it couldn’t be more stress free! And with pick-up points all over the country, you’ll easily find one close to you, what could be easier? Right, now time to tackle the summer workwear wardrobe itself…
Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you cool but smart as the climate heats up…

Camp Collar Linen-Blend Shirt £35.99 at Mango
Tie Waist Trousers £19.99 at ASOS
ASOS Design Liquid Jelly Mules £18 at ASOS
Large Minimal Backpack £22 at ASOS

When it comes to summer dressing, fabric should take priority. Thanks to the weave of linen, it stops the fabric sticking to our bodies and allows our skin to breathe in the warmer weather. In its warm yellowy-sand shade, this Mango linen-blend shirt is ideal for sticky climes. While the sleeves provide a smartness to the look (particularly if your work environment is slightly more formal), the wideness of them allows you to feel cool and unrestricted.

I’ve paired the shirt with these ankle-cropped, tie-waist trousers to avoid any connotations of casual that linen can bring as a fabric. While the black trousers ground the look to make it office appropriate, the slightly more cropped style will keep you cool in the hotter days, especially when paired with these slip on mules.

If you’re opting for one style of summer office shoe, make it this backless, pointed toe pair. The more formal point at the front balances out the cutaway back, making them smart enough to wear to work but cool and airy at the same time. Although people try and steer away from black in summer, it’s one of the chicest colours to wear – pair with all your neutrals for a simple, classy and non-melting look!

Finally, no-one wants to be lugging a big tote-bag onto crammed, hot trains or in the heat of the midday sun, so opt for a chic, minimal backpack instead. Hold by the top if you’re off to a more formal meeting and then pop it on your back to banish any hassle and fuss for when you’re commuting!

Midi Shirt Dress £38 at ASOS (Similar here £35 at ASOS)
Bershka Woven Mules £29.99 at ASOS

Oh the shirt dress, how highly I could speak of you! The ultimate lazy-girl go-to, a short sleeved shirt dress is ideal for throwing on on those days when you just don’t know what to wear! A loose fitting drawstring waist is perfect for summer, cinching you in for a bit of shape but also still comfy enough for hot weather. For the office, opt for a longer version like this ASOS Design one to keep it formal – the lightness of the fabric and fit of the dress will still keep you cool despite it being past knee-length.

Dress it down with a pair of loafers, or if you want to smarten the dress up further, head for these Bershka woven mules. Closed-toe keeps it workwear-appropriate but the cut-out, woven material will keep your feet cool in the summer sun. A low heel always works well for the office but the wooden, circular detail adds a fashionable element whilst not being too eye-catching. Perfect for if you want to bring a bit of trend to your everyday lifestyle!


Striped Linen-Blend Trousers £49.99 at Mango
Oasis Shell Top with Frill Sleeves £29.99 at ASOS
Bershka Woven Mules £29.99 at ASOS

Get yourself a shell top and you’re set for summer! 100% viscose, this Oasis version will be breathable as well as versatile with pretty much everything else in your wardrobe! The high-neck of a shell top permits you to get away with the little-to-no-sleeve of this style of top for the office. Opt for a light, neutral shade like this, which not only looks smarter, but also makes it easy to pair with different pieces, so you don’t have to buy a new outfit for every day!

Another linen-blend hero are these Mango striped trousers. Somewhere in between culottes and straight legs, this pair will keep you really cool as the temperatures clime, but are also fitting for the office. If you’re not a skirt or dress lover, these will be your summer go-to. Partner with greys and whites for a chic, monochrome look and slip on the Bershka mules to elevate them into a slightly more formal realm. Opt for a crisp white shirt if your office gets a blast of air-con, or the sleeveless shell top for when temperatures peak!

And most importantly, don’t forget to save on the sweat (physical and metaphorical!), by ordering
with CollectPlus for easy, fuss-free delivery!

June 5th 2019 - by @CollectPlus