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How to wear denim by CollectPlus

Jeans. We all own a pair (or three), but it takes skill to really make your denim work for you. Blogger Lizzy Hadfield AKA ShotfromtheStreet is a true authority on how to wear denim, so we turned to her for tips on making the most of this season’s key denim trends.

“I think I speak for many of us when I say denim is the cornerstone of my wardrobe. I wear my beloved jeans almost every single day, which is why they can become a little dull from time to time.

Over the past year I have expanded my denim collection from just skinny jeans, branching out into all sorts of styles in a bid to make my favourite wardrobe staple feel a little more exciting. And, I am pleased to say, I feel I succeeded! In the process I have become a little bit of a denim aficionado, if I do say so myself. But rather than keep my denim knowledge to myself, I thought it best to share it with you all in the form of this denim guide; breaking down my five favourite styles and the best ways to wear them.

How to wear denim: this season’s key styleshow to wear denim with CollectPlus

Style: Skinny Jeans

how to wear denim skinnyHow to wear skinny jeans: Wondering what to wear with skinny jeans? The answer is everything, ever. The style is great if you like to play around with proportions, for example by teaming them with giant coats from your winter wardrobe. A skinny fitting base makes pieces like this way more flattering, and less like you’re drowning in material.

What body types suit skinny jeansEveryone, but choose your rise carefully – low rise is best reserved for an athletic figure. A high rise for a leg lengthening affect, and a mid rise for every body type.


What shoes should I wear with skinny jeansAgain, you can wear them with every style. I love to tuck mine into ankle boots. They also lend themselves for evening wear, so have a great pair of heels on hand – a classic court shoe would always be my favourite.

Where to buy skinny jeans: Weekday Thursday jeans are my favourite style, available on ASOS.

flaresStyle: Flares

How to wear flares:
A longline blazer for a super chic look. And stick to a darker wash denim, it keeps things nice and chic.

What body types suit flaresEveryone. Flares are incredibly flattering, but it can be hard to find the right fit. Average height girls have a great choice from the high street. Petite girls can tap into the frayed hem trend and cut them to the perfect length.

Finally, taller girls might have to hunt a little more, but once you’ve found the right pair it will be a legs-for-days moment!

What shoes should I wear with flaresHeels – they elongate your legs even more, especially if you go for a pointed toe shoe.

Where to buy flaresShop high end for a better selection in leg lengths. There’s a great range of flared jeans available at Very Exclusive.

Style: Boyfriend jeans

How to wear denim boyfriend jeansHow to wear boyfriend jeans: Go for the ultimate effortless look with some flat ankle boots and a turtleneck. Or you can take them into the evening with heels and a blazer.

What body types suit boyfriend jeansI find them tricky sometimes – I think they can look good on everyone, but also can look not so great too. The trick is to go for a long leg length so you can play around with the turn ups a little bit, and make them the perfect length for you. Flashing some ankle is a great way to make them look more flattering.

Which shoes should I wear with boyfriend jeansAny shoe that shoes some ankle. A loafer is great for that, but trainers can be perfect too.

Where to buy boyfriend jeans: Check out Levi’s selection here, I would recommend the 501s.

how to wear denim distressed

Style: Distressed Denim

How to wear distressed denim: Your everyday looks, updated in an easy way. My top tip is to rip them a little more yourself once you’ve got them home – a knee rip that spans the whole width of the denim always looks good, and ripping it yourself gives it a more undone and natural look.

Don’t be afraid to take the scissors to an old pair you already own, or even buy your favourite style to rip at home yourself.

What body types suit distressed jeans? Anyone who wants a denim refresh. If you are taller, ripping them yourself prevents the knee rip sitting on your thigh – something that’s happened to me before when buying a distressed pair!

Which shoes should I wear with distressed denim? I love distressed denim with loafers, it’s such an effortless combination.

Where to buy distressed denim: I love the ASOS Carrot jeans to customise yourself. New Look also have a good range of distressed jeans, here.

Style: Cropped Denim

how to wear denim cropped

How to wear cropped denim: Team with a chunky knit, tuck it in just at the front to give a bit of shape to the look

What body types suit cropped denim? These are the hardest to master, but can work on all body types. The problem is, this style really cut off your legs – making even the most gazelle like person look a few inches shorts. Go for a high waisted style to leg lengthen as much as possible, and tuck in your top to play up on that further.

What shoes should I wear with cropped denim? I love a tall ankle boot with my cropped denim, just flashing a slither of ankle between the boots and jeans is always super flattering, and (relatively) winter appropriate.

Where to buy cropped denim: Mango have an incredible denim selection.”

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