Fashion | May 25th 2017

Jumpsuits you can wear to a wedding

Would you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding? This season we reckon the romper has finally grown up, and there are some stylish and smart one-pieces out there that make ideal occasion wear. Here’s Lizzy Hadfield with some tips on how to embrace the age of wedding jumpsuits.

When shopping for an event, you may all be familiar with the slight dread that another guest could be looking at the same dress. No one wants a double outfit disaster, believe me I’ve been there, at my sixth form prom, and it was awful! So how can you avoid this terrible sartorial fate this summer?

wedding jumpsuits

Okay so I may be being a little dramatic here, but if turning up in the same dress as someone else can be avoided then I am all for that. The key is of course picking a piece that not everyone will go for, and this doesn’t mean it has to be something crazy. It means to head straight to one category online; jumpsuits.

Wedding jumpsuits to the rescue

Jumpsuits are always living in the shadow of dresses when it comes to occasion wear, but I for one would choose a jumpsuit over a dress any day. However, I am under no illusion that they can be tricky to get right. The length, the neckline, even the length in the body can be a nightmare (no one wants a baggy crotch situation). So, here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding-worthy jumpsuit.

Make use of the Petite/Tall categories if needed.

 I am 5”8, so when wearing heels I need to be browsing the tall section, especially if I am looking for something with a wide leg. Pay attention to the height of the model online to get an idea of the length of the piece. This cold shoulder jumpsuit by Y.A.S Tall is perfect wedding wear for the longer-legged. Buy at ASOS >>.

If you are petite you always have the option of taking things up, and taking something to the tailor for some little tweaks can be well worth it. Check out this one from Missguided >>

Go for culottes, no matter you height.

wedding jumpsuits

I think culottes have a bit of a reputation for being unflattering, but this could not be further from the truth. Whatever you height, a culotte jumpsuit will look good. My friend who is 5”3 was wearing a culotte jumpsuit last night that looked incredible, and while the same one would have come up a lot shorter on me, it would look just as good on us both.  Buy at ASOS >>

When shopping around for wedding jumpsuits, the trick is the footwear, court heels or pumps are a must. Avoid an ankle strap where possible as it cuts off the leg. Buy at Mango >>

3. Backless vs. Plunge.

We are all familiar with the either/or rule when it comes to cleavage and legs. You can go for a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline that will still look so sophisticated, and the same applies for something backless – or even both. Exposing your back and décolletage can add a subtle sexiness to a look, so don’t be afraid to go for a jumpsuit that is showing some skin. Buy at ASOS >>

4. Wide or straight leg only.

Avoid anything with a cuffed ankle, which instantly can throw you into a loungewear territory. A straight leg jumpsuit will look good with all styles of shoes, whereas as a long wide leg will be incredibly flattering and add inches to you. Jumpsuits always have an element of effortless tailoring to them, and a cuffed ankle can massively compromise that. Buy at John Lewis >>

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