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Wedding Season | How To Shop The Perfect Re-Workable Dress

Wedding season is a time of sheer panic for most of us. We are all guilty of buying a complete new outfit for a wedding and letting it gather dust at the back of our wardrobes. But how can we ever get out of this habit? Fashion blogger Sophia Rosemary knows exactly shop for a dress you can wear time and time again for a range of different occasions.

“Summer has finally decided to make an appearance and with it comes a diary full of exciting plans. From holidays in the sun to terribly British garden parties, we’re all quickly filling up our diaries, with the most exciting of all events of course being the wedding date. Now I love a wedding and the day itself is always so lovely but the run up for me can personally be a touch stressful.

As a lover of dressing as casually as possible, finding the right outfit, and more importantly the right dress, can be a little challenging. I struggle to buy occasionwear because truth be told I don’t wear it all that often and the idea of spending my pennies on a dress I will only wear once makes both my head and my purse panic. But there is a loop hole with summer wedding style and it’s one which will help take off the pressure of shopping for it. There are so many summer dresses available out there which have real wedding potential, it’s simply all in the styling!

Dress Vero Moda at ASOS £45

Summer dresses are generally a clean slate when it comes to occasions and have the potential to be worn for both day and evening in equal measures, it’s all down to your choice! Whether it’s worn as a party dress or for a second time round as a day outfit, the summer dress makes both easily possible. With a little bit of online shopping (my favourite hobby) and a helping hand from CollectPlus Click & Collect I’m showing you the re-workable dress styles to look out for and exactly how to wear them so you look almost as fabulous as the bride.


The Midi Length

The midi has very quickly become my summer staple. Not only is this dress length extremely flattering but it’s ridiculously comfy too, making it the perfect style for an all day wedding. It can also be teamed casually afterwards with a sandal and denim jacket. There’s something really elegant about this length of dress and paired with the right heel it will instantly give your look a touch of sophistication. The dress I’m wearing is a perfect example of this. Had it have been a shorter style it would have looked far too “holiday wear” but that extra bit of length on the skirt adds the element of evening I’m looking for. What’s more, this isn’t a hard style to hunt down at the moment as it’s the hot length of the season and available from most, if not all, high street brands. I’m particularly in love with this Floral Midi from Very, which can be easily worn for a summer wedding or date night at your favourite restaurant!

V by Very Mixed Print Midi Dress £60

The Block Colours

This one isn’t for those of you who are afraid of a splash of colour admittedly, but it is a great hack to keep in mind when picking out your dress and matching accessories! If, like me, you begrudge having to buy an entire outfit built of pieces you’re not completely sure you’ll wear again, then try going for a block colour dress. This way you can either choose to coordinate your accessories, or contrast and clash (a trend which we’ve seen on the high street for the past year). More importantly it allows you to have complete creative control of your look rather than letting the dress take charge. There’s nothing worse then buying an obscure pair of heels simply because they matched the slightest detail in your dress pattern.

I chose the sunshine yellow dress (photographed) from Vero Moda at ASOS because I wanted it to clash with my black accessories. However, I’ve got to admit I was a little scared it would be too vivid! But then Amal Clooney saved my day and wore the exact same colour to The Royal Wedding which is the best seal of approval I’m ever going to get! This colour is huge at the minute and I think it will stay around for a while. It’s the perfect colour for vibrant occasionwear and can be easily reworked into your holiday wardrobe. It’s ideal for contrasting with bright footwear or like me with simple neutral tones such as black, tan and creams. If this is a little bright for you, why not try this mustard wrap dress from New Look which is just £22.99 or a toned down lemons coloured dress from Hobbs at House Of Fraser at £129.

Mustard Yellow Wrap Midi Dress £22.99 at New Look

The Slip Dresses

When you’re searching for your re-workable occasion dress it’s important to remember that simplicity is key! Clean, simple dresses make ideal re-workable pieces as they are just so versatile and great for wearing in a variety of ways. Plain doesn’t have to mean boring, in fact quite the opposite! A simple dress will act as a blank canvas for you to style up as you please, whether it’s with big chunky jewellery or minimal with a simple heel or white plimsole! I would always recommend looking out for slip style dresses or a classic pinafore sundress as these are the best shapes for re-working casually. A slip dress is super glamorous for a party but layered over a white T Shirt and your look is instantly transformed, ready for a laid back day shopping! I adore this Slip Style Dress from New Look in a pastel floral print!

Pink Floral Strappy Wrap Front Midi Dress £22.99 at Very

The Accessories

Your footwear and additional pieces can be equally, if not more, costly than the dress itself, but again this doesn’t have to be the case! t’s about buying classic pieces which are wearable throughout summer. There are a few key hacks you can incorporate into your look which will not only instantly give your outfit an stylish twist but add that little extra ‘oomph’ to make it perfect for a wedding! Statement gold earrings are everywhere at the minute and are amazing at adding a touch of glamour to your outfit. Normally I would opt for a necklace but I felt like my outfit didn’t really need something so fussy around the neckline. So instead I’ve gone for a geometric circular earring which gives my overall look a vintage feel, perfect for occasional dressing. You can find a number of great statement earrings over on ASOS now.

One of the trends you can’t really escape this summer is the woven/basket bag! Not only is this the perfect accessory for a summer day outfit but if you buy a hand held, box shape such as my ASOS BAG it acts as the ideal clutch for party wear. My dress can easily be styled in a super feminine way and I wanted to tone this down with slightly contemporary accessories – the bag achieves this perfectly! I can’t wait to wear this again with a simple striped T Shirt and stone washed jean for lazy Sunday dressing! I’ve teamed my amazing bag with a classic sandal from FAITH at ASOS, I’m not much of a heel wearer so this mid height chunky heel is perfect for me and ridiculously comfy for when your on your feet all day dancing, shopping or at work!

Sandals Faith at ASOS £45

Bag My Accessories at ASOS £35

The finishing touch to my outfit is a red lip. For me this is the biggest trick of all for transforming any outfit into something a little more evening appropriate. Red lips will go with almost any colour or look and add an instant sophistication to your make up! I absolutely love that ASOS now stock MAC as it’s made buying my favourite red RUBY WOO even easier!


All the pieces mentioned and featured in this post were bought through CollectPlus Click & Collect which makes shopping, buying and trying on your outfit that little bit easier. You can choose for your order to be delivered at a location most convenient for you without having to wait in all day! Plus if you’re planning to buy a few options, you can simply try them on in the comfort of your own home and return them at any CollectPlus location. Wedding shopping just got stress free!

May 25th 2018 - by @CollectPlus