Consumer | October 17th 2019

Wrap Up 2019 | Donate your coats to a CollectPlus Point

We are proud to announce that we are supporting Wrap Up for the fifth year running with our sister brand, Yodel.

Every winter, Wrap Up volunteers collect coats from the public to keep people at risk warmer and safer. The CollectPlus network has opened the charity up to be a nationwide affair with over 7,000 CollectPlus Points across the UK that the public can donate from.

This year we are supporting Wrap Up London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bath, and are aiming to receive over 2,000 donations.

If you have a coat at home that you can donate, you can download a label from our site now. Just choose the city you’d like to donate to below, then attach it to a parcel which can contain up to 10kg worth of coats, and drop it at your nearest location. Most of the CollectPlus Points are open early ‘til late which makes donating even easier.






There are an estimated 320,000 homeless people in the UK, and this figure does not reflect the hidden homeless, which are often children and families in temporary unsuitable housing. With an estimated 726 homeless people dying in England and Wales last year, any support we can give as a community to those in need makes a huge difference.

Men experience the highest rates of homelessness in the UK, so each year, the demand for men’s coats is high. There has also been a specific request for all-in-one snowsuits for young children and infants too.

The number of people in the UK living in crisis is on the rise and with colder temperatures closing in, many of these people are exposed to the elements. The simple donation of a spare or unwanted coat not only helps to keep a person warm, but can help to save their life.

Based on our video which documents the life cycle of a coat, we’d love to hear your ‘Coat Tales’ too. Simply tag us on Twitter @CollectPlus and share your story with #CoatTales.

October 17th 2019 - by @CollectPlus