Can I use the Volume Reward scheme in conjunction with other discount offers?

Yes you can and labels purchased with promotional offers will count towards your total for the month.

Please note though that any promotional offers that you use will always be taken off the RRP or full price of the label, not the price that you may benefit from as a result of being part of our Volume Reward scheme.

For example, if you are a Bronze tier you customer (with a 5% discount off all your purchases) and you use a marketing offer that offers a 10% discount, you will get 10% off the RRP of the parcel label, not off the price you qualify for as a result of your volume reward. (i.e you receive a 10% discount not a 15% discount off the RRP price)

If you are a Gold tier customer with a volume reward that offers you 10% off all purchases for that month, you might find that some promotional offers don’t equal your volume reward and that you might not want to use them.