Frequently Asked Questions

Is your new “Standard” service guaranteed ?

This new service is not guaranteed but we will make best endevours to meet the two working days following drop off at the store.

Please remember that Sundays and bank holidays are not “working days” and will add in extra days to delivery.

How does your “Standard” service work ?

This service works in exactly the same way as our “Economy service” always has, just faster. This is typically a two day service which starts, the day after you drop off your parcel, it will be collected the next working day and in most instances be delivered the next working day after that.

Please note that you should typically allow 1 extra working day for deliveries to and from Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Far North of Scotland and up to 5extra working days for the deliveries to and from the Scottish Islands.

Please also note that we do not deliver to or from the Channel Islands.

I have a parcel to send that is a different shape to your specified dimensions, what can I do?

Our new maximum dimensions are 60x50x50cm.  This applies to any parcel weight – up to 10kgs – and gives you greater flexibility when you need to send a large item. We cannot accept longer shapes e.g. golf clubs as they are too long and difficult to move through shop doors and in our vans.

Please note that it is important that the label is on a flat surface so that it can be scanned easily through our network.

Can I use the Volume Reward scheme in conjunction with other discount offers?

Yes you can and labels purchased with promotional offers will count towards your total for the month.

Please note though that any promotional offers that you use will always be taken off the RRP or full price of the label, not the price that you may benefit from as a result of being part of our Volume Reward scheme.

For example, if you are a Bronze tier you customer (with a 5% discount off all your purchases) and you use a marketing offer that offers a 10% discount, you will get 10% off the RRP of the parcel label, not off the price you qualify for as a result of your volume reward. (i.e you receive a 10% discount not a 15% discount off the RRP price)

If you are a Gold tier customer with a volume reward that offers you 10% off all purchases for that month, you might find that some promotional offers don’t equal your volume reward and that you might not want to use them.

Why is Saturday not a “working day”?

We do not have automatic collections from every CollectPlus store each day, some are triggered by parcel demand.  So we cannot guarantee that your parcel will be collected or delivered to store on a Saturday (the same applies for Bank Holidays). We do make some deliveries to customer’s homes on Saturdays, but cannot guarantee this across the UK so we don’t count this as a working day.

What is the maximum size of parcel I can send?

60x50x50cm is the new maximum dimensions for our parcel service.  We have increased our parcel sizes in response to customer demand.  Items larger than this cannot be carried as our network uses conveyor belts and these items will be too big. This applies to any parcel weight – up to 10kgs – and gives you greater flexibility when you need to send a large item.

Please remember that there are some items we cannot carry for reasons other than size, please check our T&C’s

My return parcel seems to have been lost?

If there has not been an update on the tracking events for your parcel on our tracking page for over 3 working days and the tracking does state ‘returned to retailer’ in the top tracking event, please contact us.

For any other queries please contact your retailer directly.