Finding the right size: clothes size comparisons

Shopping for your exact body type and finding clothes that you both feel comfortable and confident in can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market. From petite to tall, plus size to maternity, stores offer many ranges of clothing - it can be confusing to gauge which one suits you, but this guide will help you understand each one, and find the size that’s best for you.


Many people think that petite clothing is about body shape and weight but in fact, it has nothing at all to do with that. Petite clothes are specifically designed for women 5ft 4in and under, who in general have shorter torsos, arms and legs and narrower shoulders.

Petite trousers and jeans have a shorter leg length than regular; shirts, tops and jumpers have a smaller sleeve and length; and skirts and dresses are shorter in length and have higher waists. They are specifically designed to flatter shorter women, make them look taller and feel their best.


Regular clothes are made for women who are average in height - between 5ft 5in and 5ft 7in. Regular clothes are widely available, so women in this category will have plenty of choice when it comes to shopping.

Women who fit into regular clothing vary in shape and size, and regular clothes are available in all UK women’s sizes. Regular trousers and jeans are 32”, while skirts and dresses vary in length according to their design, but regular items should fit women between 5ft 5in and 5ft 7in well.


Tall clothes are intended for women 5ft 8in and above, and are designed to shorten and flatter the taller woman’s figure. Tall clothes are made with longer sleeves and hems, whilst jeans are made with a leg length of 34” on average, although you can get longer leg lengths in some stores.

Tall clothes are available in the majority of UK women’s sizes and many stores online.

Plus Size/ Curve

Plus size and curve clothing is designed for curvy women and offers pieces that are flattering for that shape. The sizes of plus size clothing vary from store to store, but most retailers offer clothes in UK 14-32. Clothes are usually made with longer hems, wider straps and more room around the bust, arm and stomach area than standard clothing.

Many stores have a dedicated curve section with specific pieces designed with curvier women in mind, whilst some retailers offer the same clothes but in bigger, more inclusive sizes.


Maternity sizes work the same as regular clothing sizes, so if you were a size 10 before pregnancy, you’ll still be a 10 in maternity clothes. Maternity wear is specifically designed and tailored for pregnant women, with extra fabric and details that keeps women comfortable during pregnancy.

Jeans have stretchy belly panels, tops are longer and wider to ensure they fit over the bump and details like buttons and zips are left off to ensure they don't stick into the bump. Many retailers offer a designated maternity section in UK sizes 4 and up.



ASOS’ own brand clothing is available in petite, regular, curve, tall and maternity ranges. The petite clothes come in sizes 2-16, regular clothes are available in sizes 4-18, the curve clothes are in sizes 18-30, tall 4-18 and maternity sizes are available in 4-22. You can find out exactly how each size at ASOS measures up in the table below:

To find out more about ASOS sizes, click here.


Boohoo is another retailer that offers petite, tall, plus size and maternity ranges alongside their regular clothing line. Regular clothes come in sizes 6-16, petite ranges from 4-14, tall sizes are available between 6-16, maternity sizes are available from 8-16 and plus sizes come in 16-24. To see Boohoo’s exact sizes and measurements, see the table below:

And for Boohoo’s full size guide, click here.


M&S’s regular clothing line ranges from 6-24, a slight overlap with their specific petite range available in sizes 6-18 and plus size ranges at sizes 18-32. They don’t have any maternity clothes on site, but do offer maternity underwear and loungewear. See the table below for how M&S’s sizes measure up.

To find out more about M&S’s sizes, click here.


Missguided offers regular, plus size, petite and tall clothing ranges. Their petite range comes in sizes 4-14, regular and tall clothes are in sizes 4-16 and plus size is 16-24. The table below sums up Missguided’s sizing and measurements:

Or click here for a full size guide from Missguided.

New Look

New Look offers a range of inclusive clothes sizes for different body types. Their petite line offers sizes 4-16, the regular line is available in sizes 6-18, tall and maternity clothes is 8-20 and their curve range comes in sizes 18-32. See the table below for a full lowdown on New Look’s measurements and sizes:

To find out more about New Look’s sizes, click here.

Pretty Little Thing

Prettylittlething offers regular, plus, petite and tall clothes, but does not have a maternity range onsite. Their petite sizes range from 2-14. regular sizes are 4-16, tall are 6-16 and their plus size range is available in sizes 16-24. To see Prettylittlething’s exact sizes and measurements, see the table below:

For Prettylittlething’s full size guide, click here.

River Island

River Island doesn’t offer a tall or maternity section. Their petite clothes range from 4-16, regular clothes come in sizes 8-16 and plus size is 18-28. See the table below to see how River Island’s sizes measure up:

And click here for their full size guide.


Superdry doesn’t currently have any petite, tall, plus size or maternity options. Their clothes are available in sizes 6-16 or XXS-XXL, dependent on what you buy. Their size guide can be found below:

Or click here for more information on Superdry’s sizing.

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