Do I need to have a printer to use CollectPlus

No, you don’t need to have a printer to send a parcel with CollectPlus. We now offer Print in Store for our Send service parcels, just select the Print in Store option when buying a Send parcel label here. Of course, you can still print your own label if you choose.

Print in Store: how it works

Although we can now print labels for you at many of our stores, a small number of stores are currently excluded – (see full list here). This service is only available as an add-on when you buy a send label through our website, and is offered at an extra 30p per label when you see this option;

We will email you with a barcode for each label, take the email using a Smartphone or other internet enabled mobile device, and present it to the store assistant who will scan the barcode and print out your label, place it in a protective wallet and attach it to your parcel ready for sending.

If you don’t have a Smartphone, just make a note of the 9-character reference number included in the email, which starts with ‘PS’ and ask the store to print the label by quoting this reference number to them. The parcel will then be scanned in by the store as usual and you’ll be given a receipt including a tracking reference, which you can use to follow your parcel’s progress using our parcel tracking page.