How to sell on Depop

If your wardrobe’s about to burst at the seams, chances are you’re in need of a clear out. Thankfully, online marketplaces make it simple to get rid of your unwanted items, and Depop is another that it can pay to be familiar with. But how does it work?

What is Depop?

Much like eBay and Amazon, Depop is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell your unwanted clothes. However, what makes it different is that it’s app-based, meaning you can quickly and easily sell your stuff directly from your phone.

The app’s interface is similar to that of Instagram, meaning it’s simple, fun and an increasingly creative way to sell your clothes.

The benefits of selling through Depop

Depop is quick and simple. It doesn’t take much effort to set up, with its main USP being that it makes selling easy. The app enables you to easily create attractive listings, while the format and layout help you to make a good first impression. You can use it to find all types of clothing and fashion items, including vintage items and best-loved brands.

By selling regularly on Depop you’ll also gain good insights into what buyers on the platform want, due to the app’s smart feedback system. Users of Depop can ‘like’ and comment on products that appear on their feed, just like they might do on Instagram: this is valuable feedback that helps sellers learn more about what makes their customers tick.

How to sell on Depop

Setting up your shop is quick and easy.

  • Simply download the app and sign up. You can download the Depop app in the Apple App store or Google Play store. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with your email.
  • Fill out your profile
  • Click the “sell” button
  • Upload a picture; either use the app to take a picture of an item or upload one from your photos
  • Fill in the details listed such as a description of the item and a price
  • Click “Publish” and that’s it.

When you sell on Depop, there are two ways to receive your money. You can either opt to link your Paypal account and receive all your takings through there, or you can set up a Depop wallet.

Depop takes a cut regardless of the payment option, but the Depop wallet is handy if you’re planning on buying a fair few items through the app. Your customers will also have the option to pay via a regular credit or debit card, should they wish to.

As with any online shop, there are restrictions on what you can and can’t sell through the app. You can find out more information about what’s not allowed here, but one area that Depop takes a particularly firm line on is forgery: make sure you aren’t selling anything that’s fake. That means no counterfeits, unofficial copies or replicas.

Hints and tips for successful selling

As with any online marketplace, it’s important to make sure your sales are clear and accurate. Selling anything requires you to keep on top of communicating with your customer base, and making the process as simple as possible for those buying.

There are various ways you can build your customer base, and offering discounts and incentives is one of them. If you’re planning on becoming a serious Depop-er, make sure you keep updating your profile on a regular basis. You don’t want your followers to fall by the wayside because of an outdated profile.

As with other online marketplaces, buyers can leave reviews on how the purchase process went, so stick to the rules, communicate with your customers and you’re sure to go a long way.

One experienced Depop seller who has got the formula just right is Shini Park of lifestyle blog Park & Cube – in this video, she shares some of her secrets on how to make a success of this stylish mobile marketplace:

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