How to sell on Etsy

What can I sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a unique marketplace which is specifically geared towards selling handmade and vintage items, along with craft supplies to create them. They have specific outlines surrounding what constitutes as these three categories, and items that fall outside of those specifications aren’t allowed to be sold on the site.

  • Handmade items:Handmade items must be sold or designed by you. If someone else made them in partnership with you, then you can still sell on Etsy but you have to disclose that. Etsy requires you to explain in detail who exactly makes the items your selling in your ‘about’ section. You need to use your own photos of the items and not stock images, and you need to describe the items accurately.
  • Vintage items:Please note that to sell an item as vintage it needs to be at least 20 years old.
  • Craft supplies:These need to be specific tools, ingredient or materials involved in creation of new items – but you can also sell party supplies as craft supplies too.

To find out more about what you can and can’t sell,visit their site to read about Etsy’s policies in full.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

There are different kinds of listings on Etsy, but most of them cost $0.20 (which is around 16p depending on current exchange rate) per listing). For 16p you can list your items for 4 months, but if it sells, Etsy will also take 5% of the selling and delivery price as a ‘transaction fee.’ If you accept payment through Etsy’s Etsy Payment system, they will also take 4% plus 20p as a payment processing fee.

How can I promote my Etsy stores?

There’s plenty of different ways to promote your Etsy store, but Etsy suggests that you should:

  • Participate in social media.
  • Seek out press opportunities (for example, send in pictures of your work to a design blog).
  • Join an Etsy team.

For more advice on how to promote your Etsy store, check out their Seller Handbook.

How to take the best photos

There are multiple ways of taking products photos on Etsy, and it’s essential your picture accurately portrays your product, but also makes it attractive for buyers.

You should take high quality images against neutral backgrounds or white backgrounds with plenty of light for most products. If your product is misleading in terms of size in photos, and size is important, it’s common to take a scale photo – such as a ring on a finger.

How to describe your items

Etsy firmly outline that products should be well described and shouldn’t be at all misleading to customers. You should make sure you accurately describe your product, what it does, its size, and any other useful information. But, you should use language that will be attractive to your target audience – and it may be worth looking up search terms that are popularly used when customers are looking for items similar to yours.