How to sell on Preloved

If you're looking for a place to sell second-hand goods, turn to Preloved. A useful and fuss-free alternative to an auction, anyone can sell their used goods with this easy to navigate site. Read on for our tips about how to sell on Preloved.

What is Preloved?

Established in 1988, Preloved has grown into an online buying and selling marketplace. There are over six million members on Preloved already, and all kinds of second-hand goods can be sold.

There are many benefits to using Preloved, both for buyers and sellers. Buyers can contact sellers directly so you'll be able to communicate with ease, and items are even organised by area - great for anyone wishing to sell their goods and organise a pick-up.

With over 150,000 followers on Facebook, Preloved sellers stand a chance of being featured as their advert of the day too. Alongside this, the Preloved community is a great way to discover hints and tips about the website and really make the most of your online sales.

Is Preloved free?

Preloved is free, if you choose not to upgrade your account.

With a free Preloved account, you won't be charged a penny for any adverts posted. You'll have unlimited ads, which can have three photos each, and respond to your ads after 12 days.

Full or premium account

For those who want more flexibility, choose from a full or premium account. Full Preloved accounts cost £5 a year, and comes with unlimited ads which can benefit from unlimited photos per listing. You'll be able to respond immediately too.

Premium Preloved accounts enjoy all the benefits of full account users, plus priority placement and an option to embed YouTube videos into an ad. Premium accounts cost £15 a year.

Business account

However, if you are selling as a business you will be required to upgrade to a business account. Preloved define a business as 'anyone that provides a service or sells items for a profit', and go into further detail here.

Businesses can enjoy the service for free with Preloved's one month free trial. After the trial is over, you will be charged £20 + VAT every month. Regular business members can create up to 100 adverts per month, and benefit from features such as unlimited photos per item, full-page ads or video ads and the ability to link to an external website.

How to sell on Preloved

Selling an item on Preloved is easy. Simply join Preloved here before you get started, and choose the right pricing option for your needs.

Remember to double check Preloved's selling guidelines before you list an item. With over 500 categories, almost anything can be sold on the website - but there are some limitations. Ivory and bone products, or any kind of knife for example, are strictly prohibited. View the entire list here.

To sell an item on Preloved, you will need to do the following:

  • Get started: To begin, click 'Place Ad' on the top right-hand corner of Preloved's homepage.
  • Place an advert: If you're not operating as a business, simply select 'Place private ad'. If you are, place a business ad instead.
  • Choose the correct category: To make things easier for your buyer, place your ad in the correct category. Choose the category that's most relevant, then pick a sub-category.
  • Add a photograph: You'll need to add photographs to your ad to entice customers. It's best to show the condition of the item clearly, and remember to use natural light so your items appear as true to life as possible.
  • Choose your advert type: What kind of advert are you creating? Choose from the following options: for sale, to rent, wanted, swap, event or other.
  • Complete the rest of the form: Add further details about your advert, including an effective title and item description. You will also have the chance to select its condition, the manufacturer and model, and the energy rating if applicable.
  • Set a price: Select a realistic yet competitive price for your item. Preloved also enables sellers to choose 'or nearest offer' alongside a set price, or leave the price blank and open the cost up completely to potential buyers.
  • Process payments carefully: Preloved is not in charge of taking payments, so you'll need to agree on a safe way to pay with the buyer. The safest way is to receive the payment face-to-face, but if this is not possible make sure you send your goods after the payment has been received. Preloved has their own safe second-hand guide on their website - we recommend reading through it before posting an ad.

Contact Preloved

If you need to get in touch with Preloved, you can contact a member of their team by heading over to their contact page. From here, you can select which category your issue falls under and fill out the relevant form. A member of the Preloved team should be in touch as soon as possible.

So that's how to sell on Preloved. If it doesn't seem like the right website for you, why not take a look at our other useful selling guides - we've covered everything, from Depop and eBay to Folksy and Shopify.