How To Sell On Vinted

What is Vinted?

Vinted is an online selling platform, specifically designed for users looking to sell their clothes and, as a result, declutter their wardrobes.

Aimed predominantly at a female audience, Vinted also allows users to swap their unwanted clothes with other users, encouraging a community feel that's ever present throughout the app's engaging interface.

To discover more about Vinted, and how to sell your unwanted clothes on the app, be sure to read the sections below.

How to sell on Vinted

Using Vinted is super simple - all you need is a smartphone or computer. Start by downloading the official Vinted app, or visiting the official website, before following the steps detailed below:

  1. Create an account manually, or login using your Google or Facebook details. Once you've successfully logged in, you'll get a notification welcoming you to Vinted. Please note that you'll need to verify your account by adding a phone number or email address.
  2. Once you've logged in, you can personalise your account and profile by clicking the dropdown arrow located next to your display picture and hitting 'profile'.
  3. After entering your details and editing your profile, hit 'sell now' to create a listing. You'll now be promoted to enter as many details as possible about your item, all of which will form the basis of your advert on both the Vinted site and app.

Like other selling platforms, Vinted allows you to enter negotiations with potential buyers, so don't be alarmed if you receive offers that are below your list price. You may also get customers wanting to swap their clothes for yours, which is handy if you happen to like any of your would-be buyer's items.

Selling items on Vinted is completely free, however buyers do have to pay a service fee of 3% to 8% of the item's price, plus a fixed free of between 30p and 80p.

Once you've sold an item on Vinted, you can send it via CollectPlus' parcel service. With over 7,000 stores located across the UK, shipping your used clothes has never been so easy.

Top tips for selling on Vinted

Be true, be you

  • If someone is willing to buy from your store, that must mean you look like a trustworthy seller. After all, nobody's going to buy from a user that looks dodgier than Del Boy.
  • Getting users to trust you is easy - just make sure your profile is a positive reflection of your personality. Be fun, friendly and approachable - and most importantly - make sure your profile contains a picture of you. Users will be much more likely to buy your wares if they can put a face to your username.
  • Do the donkey work
  • Plucking values out of thin air is a ploy that's likely to backfire, especially if other users are selling exactly the same item for less than the price you're asking.
  • Do your research and make a spreadsheet detailing the price of every item you sell -this will help you when it comes to selling similar items in the future.
  • Be snap-happy
  • Remember, the only chance your customers are going to get to see your products are in the photos you share. Upload rubbish photos and you can expect rubbish sales in return.
  • Make sure your photos are clear (not blurred) and well lit. It also pays to include shots of labels and any other standout features.
  • Be a team player
  • Breaking Vinted's rules will only make it harder for other users in the long run - so be sure to give them a quick scan here before starting your career as a Vinted seller!
  • Top-level rules include not selling counterfeit products, handmade cosmetics and used/worn underwear.

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