How to Sell Online

  • How to sell on ASOS Marketplace

    If you're looking to sell vintage or one-off fashion pieces to a discerning clientele, ASOS Marketplace is an ideal place to list your items. Take a look at our guide to setting up your first boutique.

  • How to sell on Gumtree

    Want to learn more about how to sell on Gumtree? Take a look at our guide to selling on one of the best-known online marketplaces.

  • How to sell on Shopify

    Want to set up your own stylish and secure online store? Shopify is a platform that allows you to easily set up your own professional looking e-commerce site with no coding experience.

  • How to sell on Preloved

    Preloved is a busy online marketplace where members can sell a wide range of second hand items - whether you're a seasoned seller or just want to make some cash from your cast-offs.

  • How to sell on Folksy

    Folksy is a great place for creatively-inclined UK sellers to reach out to a wider market. Find out more about how to sell on Folksy, from branding tips to choosing payment options.

  • How make the most of search trends

    Fallen out of love with your embroidered jeans from 2006? Now could be the best time to sell them online!

  • How to sell on eBay

    Since its launch in 1995, eBay has become a household name. Take a look at our handy guide telling you everything you need to know to sell successfully on eBay.

  • How to sell on Depop

    Popular with fashion bloggers, Depop's main selling point is the ability to sell your items quickly and easily. Get started with our top Depop tips here.

  • How to sell on Amazon

    From humble beginnings as an online bookstore to the largest Internet-based retailer in the world make sure you make the most of Amazon by reading our top tips.

  • How to sell on Facebook

    Selling your unwanted items on Facebook is simple. We look at the different options on how to sell on Facebook, providing a few handy tips along the way.

  • How to sell on Etsy

    Want to start selling on Etsy? Check our guide with everything to need to know on how to sell your handmade goods.

  • How to sell on Shpock

    New to selling on Shpock? Check our guide for top tips on how to start selling your unwanted items on Shpock.

  • How to sell on Vinted

    Looking to sell some of your clothes on Vinted? We’ve got some top tips on how to use the selling site and get involved with the community.

  • Online Selling Law and Regulations

    Selling online is easy but there are a few ecommerce laws and regulations which you need to consider. Take a look at this simple guide for everything you need to know.

  • Giving a refund through PayPal

    Want to learn more about refunding people via PayPal? Take a look at this guide to help make it eaiser.

  • Consumer Rights for Private Sales

    When you buy from a private seller or online private sales marketplace your consumer rights are quite different. Find out more by reading our handy guide.