Parcel size guide

  • Guide to measuring parcel size and weight
  • How to measure parcel size
  • We sell our labels on weight and maximum dimensions rather than size alone.

    Parcels must be less than 60 centimetres on the longest length and then 50 centimetres by 50 centimetres. This is similar to the size of box used for a microwave.

    They can weigh up to 10 kilogrammes (that’s roughly half your airline baggage allowance weight); simply buy the correct label for your parcel weight/size.


    Size and weight limits

    You can send packages measuring up to:
    60cm x 50cm x 50cm and 10kg

    Please remember that if your parcel is not within the maximum weight of the label that you have purchased we reserve the right to charge you the difference between the rate paid and the higer rate and your parcel may not be delivered until the additional charge is paid.

    Weight limits

    Follow our handy guide to ensure your parcels arrive in the best possible condition click

    We can carry parcels up to 10kg in these 3 categories:

    Packaging requirements

    Please use these following 8 steps to ensure your parcel is packaged properly.

    Prohibited items

    There are a number of items that cannot be sent by CollectPlus. Find our more

    The following items cannot be sent by CollectPlus:

    Find our more about prohibited items

    Delivery timeframes

    If you are sending items to or from non-mainland addresses, please allow up to an additional 5 working days for the delivery of your parcel.

    We offer thee weight categories for parcels which are:

    • 2kg is two bags of sugar

    • 5kg is a small to medium-sized printer or games console

    • 10kg about half an airline baggage allowance

    See our useful Packaging guide on best practise parcel packaging.

    Guide to measuring parcel size and weight

    Sometimes, the size of your parcel is not immediately obvious. It's important to get the right dimensions to make sure you're paying the correct amount for delivery, and to check it's suitable for us to deliver.

    Using household items as a comparison can come in useful when you don't have a tape measure on hand, so let's take a look at some of the things you can use to help you estimate your parcel's measurements.

    How to measure parcel size

    To send an item with CollectPlus your parcel will need to fit within our maximum dimensions of 60cm x 50cm x 60cm.

    Unfortunately, we're unable to take very long parcels as our network uses a conveyer belt system and large parcels for example: golf clubs, fishing rods, upright vacuum cleaners  may get stuck - possibly damaging your item and other package

    Below, we've collected the dimensions of some of the most common household items. You can use them to help you estimate the size of your parcel, and double check it's within our limits.



    A4 paper (L x W) 30cm x 21cm
    Shoe box (L x W) 30cm x 18cm
    DVD case (L x W) 19cm x 13.5cm
    12-inch MacBook (L x W) 28.1 cm x 19.7cm
    Pillow case (L x W) 75cm x 50cm
    Floor to seat of dining chair (H) 45cm

    Once you've packaged, measured and weighed your parcel, you simply need to print out the CollectPlus label and take it to one of our stores. Don't worry if you haven't got a printer, we can print it for you in store for just 30p. Once it's on its way to your destination, you can use our online tracking tool to watch its journey.

    For more information on our send service, please click here.