Returns via Amazon Alexa

If you're a proud owner of an Amazon Echo device (be that the original, the Echo Dot or even the Echo Spot), you'll be pleased to hear you can now use the voice-activated assistant to return your parcels with Collect+. All you'll need is your voice and a Wi-Fi connection.

Before you return your first parcel via Alexa, make sure you have the Collect+ Alexa skill installed. Open up the Amazon Alexa app, head to Alexa Skills and locate the Collect+ skill. Press Enable, and you're ready to go.

To begin, simply say 'Alexa, open Collect+’. You'll hear a welcome message, and then Alexa will ask you to say the phrase 'return parcel' to start the process.

Next, Alexa will ask where the parcel needs to go, and you can respond by stating the retailer's name: e.g. 'Very' or ‘Sky’.

To make sure everything is correct, Alexa will then ask for confirmation. Let's say you've chosen Very. You'll immediately hear Alexa say: 'You would like to return to Very… is that correct?'

Respond 'Yes' to continue, or 'No' to try again if Alexa has misheard.

With the correct retailer confirmed, a barcode will then automatically be sent to your email address. Take this barcode to any of the 7,000 Collect+ stores across the UK and you'll be able to print the label in store.

Attach the label to the parcel, and then that's it - you're done. Just make sure you keep hold of your receipt so that you can track your return back to the retailer.

You can now also track your parcel using Alexa too. Just ask Alexa to ‘track my parcel’. You’ll need your seven digit tracking code to do this.