How search trends can help you make the most of selling online

Unlock the hidden value of your wardrobe

Selling your unwanted clothing online can go a long way in preventing waste and earning you a little extra money. But how do you tell when it’s a good time to declutter your wardrobe and sell? We’re turning to the power of Google and their search trends to help you unlock those hidden items that might just help you to make some cash.

We also conducted a survey to find out just what our online reselling habits are, and with 10% of those surveyed saying they use sites like eBay and Depop every week to sell their items*, we’re really keen to see just how we can make the most out of these fashion-friendly platforms.

Sell by style

According to our research** there are peaks and troughs in when certain fashion items are more popular online. Let’s delve into the particulars:


According to Google Trends, flared jeans and Mom jeans are pretty sought after online right now, but embroidered jeans are best left until the beginning of 2017 to be sold. Ripped jeans, however, seem to be getting more and more popular since 2014, so it’s worth waiting a little while before selling these to really reap the rewards.


Fallen out of love with your skirt collection this year? Fear not, Google Trends indicates that pleated midi skirts, suede, skater and pencil skirts are all pretty sought after online right now, so get your eBay auctions and Depop sales set up soon!

Midi skirts proved more popular in the spring and summer time, and the same can be said for wrap skirts, so it’s advisable to hang on to these for a little longer.

Holding up the stylish fort in the skirt section is leather. Research proved leather skirts to be something of a fashion staple, making them consistently favoured choices – we’d suggest hanging on to yours for a little longer, they’re a classic item and an evergreen kind of sale!


Shoes are another popular item to sell online. Providing you’ve looked after them, you could make a tidy sale. Here’s when to sell and when to hang on:

Chelsea boots are something of an ever-fashionable item, Google Trends research proved these boots to be almost constantly desirable since 2013. Our advice is to hang on a little while, unless you’re ready to clear out now – they’re a recurring trend.

As for Doc Martens, it’s best to sell this style now. Google Trends reveals that they’re steadily declining in popularity, so if you’ve fallen out of love with your Docs, now’s the perfect time to find a new owner for them.

Timberland boots and Creepers are on the rise this winter, while shoe styles such as lace up flats are key in April.


Your favourite coat style may come and go, but what was once your favourite can fast become someone’s new best item with a little planning.

Evergreen styles such as puffer jackets and bomber jackets seem to be at their peak at present. So if you’re ready to sell now, do so, otherwise hang on until next winter.

Classic coats such as the trench are a bit like the leather skirt – they’re timeless and evergreen. Keep hold of them for a while, but when you do sell, make sure it’s in the final quarter of the year when they’re more popular – parkas seem to follow this trend too.

Leather jackets are something of a classic item too. Our research suggests they’re consistently popular, peaking every few years, so keep a hold of them and make sure you’re ready to let go when you do choose to sell.

When you decide to sell your no longer loved items, a little planning can go a long way. You never know, you might just help your last season boots become someone’s new favourite pair of shoes!


*survey of 2,005 women.

**details from Google trends research: Google Trends – Worldwide – 2004 to Present – Shopping category.