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How many retailers are using CollectPlus for return of goods bought online?

Posted on 12/07/2013 by Marketing


One of the key findings in the recently published MICROS 2013 Online Returns and Refund report, was the rise in the number of retailers that now offer the CollectPlus service to return items. In the 2011 report, only 1% of retailers offered CollectPlus, while our latest findings found that this figure had risen to 16%. Also, last year only online retailers used CollectPlus, whereas the latest report found 15% of multi-channel retailers have now adopted the service. However, online retailers are still more likely to use CollectPlus when compared with multi-channel retailers. – Read full article here 

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From antiquated systems to best-of-class: how Morrisons is preparing for multichannel

Posted on 12/07/2013 by Marketing

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Morrisons’ online grocery delivery service must be one of the most eagerly anticipated that there is. It’s still not here, but this week Morrisons’ chief executive Dalton Philips gave us some interesting insights into its progress towards multichannel retail, and into where it started from. Systems that held it back from trading online, takings that had to be counted by hand, and ordering that had to be written down in pen and ink are all enumerated in Philips’ speech this week. It sounds outdated and surprising, but we might well be surprised by how common this starting point is for read more…

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Retail giants stand up for small shops on high st

Posted on 04/07/2013 by Marketing

Alliance Boots, Tesco and Marks & Spencer were among retailers which again criticised the business rates system when they gave evidence to the Select Committee for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills yesterday. Speaking on the state of the high street, Sir Phillip Green, the proprietor of Topshop owner Arcadia called for a rates freeze and a “rates holiday” for small shop owners. Sir Philip, who was hired as a Government adviser in 2010, said that the Government should consider giving small businesses a rates holiday or allowing small shop owners who pay annual rates of between £20,000 and read more…

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John Lewis prepares for take-off with store at Heathrow Terminal 2

Posted on 02/07/2013 by Marketing

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John Lewis is opening a store in Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 as the star of the high street over the past five years prepares for the day it “outgrows” the UK. The Partnership last night revealed plans for a £1 million, 3,600 square foot shop that will open for business when the “Queen’s Terminal” opens its doors on June 4 next year. It’s the Partnership’s smallest store, the first away from town and city centres and a huge step forward in the John Lewis’ international strategy. Read full article

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Amazon UK, Argos, Next and Tesco head up list of most visited UK mobile retail sites

Posted on 01/07/2013 by Marketing

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The IMRG-Experian Hitwise Mobile Hot Shops List has revealed the UK’s top 10 mobile retailers by site traffic for the first time, with Amazon UK being as dominant in the mobile traffic space as they are over desktop visits. Between them, the Amazon UK (1st) and (3rd) sites accounted for over 10% of mobile visits to retail sites in April 2013, with Argos (2nd) receiving 2.3% of visits. – Read more here 

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Omni-channel retail: Integrating and evolving online strategies

Posted on 02/05/2013 by Marketing

How retailers deal with the omni-channel challenge varies greatly, as do opinions on how to integrate strategies for online, mobile and physical transactions. Tamara Saucier, vice president of market development at TradeCard, a New York-based collaboration and trade platform, said that while some retailers had a long way to go, others were already demonstrating highly effective omni-channel approaches in their store environments, and reaping the rewards of increased customer satisfaction. “One of the things that few companies do well, (and omni-channel is the perfect ‘unlock’ for this), is really understanding who their customers are. Loyalty card back-end systems are often not read more…

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