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eBay Returns Policy

Posted on 19/04/2013 by Marketing

eBay have announced that from the Autumn all sellers will need to specify a returns policy in their listings. Sellers will have to offer a minimum of 14 days as the period in which the buyer can cancel the transaction and get their money back as well as specify who pays the return carriage – the buyer or the seller.-

Benefits of setting your returns policy options

  • Makes it easier to comply with laws on offering returns.
  • Displaying a clear and consistently presented returns policy across your listings reassures buyers who are considering a purchase and may result in increased sales.
  • Setting your returns policy is easy and efficient plus you can change your settings at any time. Find out how to do this using business policies.
  • Making your returns policy clear at the time of purchase reduces returns-related questions from buyers.

Setting up your returns policy

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