How do I qualify for the Volume Reward Scheme?

Posted on 22/01/2015 by Marketing

Did you know that our customers can receive discounts on parcels of up to 10% off with our Volume Reward Scheme? If you buy more than 50 parcel labels per month then this could really save you money. Our loyalty scheme is divided in to 3 tiers – bronze, silver and gold. These labels can be standard or economy and the discount will apply to all the parcels you buy in the following month. Keep reading to find out more about the three tiers.

The scheme is for parcel labels purchased on our website only, with our rewards tiered based on the number of parcel labels that you buy each month.

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If you’ve bought 50 labels or more, you will automatically qualify for the volume reward scheme, you don’t need to do anything to activate this. If you have opted in to receive emails from us, we will let you know at the end of the month whether you have qualified and if so, what tier you are in. We will also send you a reminder email mid-month to let you know how far away you are from qualifying. We recommend that you opt in to receive emails from us if you haven’t done so already so that you can easily see where you are in any one month.

If you have an account with us, you will see which tier you are in on your account home page, as well as the list of all of the parcel labels you have bought on our website that month.

And in the month after qualifying, the price for the service you are using will automatically be discounted when you check out meaning that you always know what your discount level is.

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Q. Do I need to have a CollectPlus account to qualify?

No, you don’t need to have or to open an account to qualify, but we would recommend that you do. If you have an account you can see what tier you are on and also check your parcel history for the month. Having an account allows you to download customer addresses from eBay, which means if you are sending a lot of parcels, you don’t have to type in customer details individually, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Q. Can I use the reward scheme in conjunction with other discount offers?

Yes you can and labels purchased with promotional offers will count towards your total for the month.

Please note though that any promotional offers that you use will always be taken off the RRP or full price of the label, not the price that you may benefit from as a result of being part of our Volume Reward scheme.

For example, if you are a Bronze tier you customer (with a 5% discount off all your purchases) and you use a marketing offer that offers a 10% discount, you will get 10% off the RRP of the parcel label, not off the price you qualify for as a result of your volume reward. (i.e you receive a 10% discount not a 15% discount off the RRP price)

If you are a Gold tier customer with a volume reward that offers you 10% off all purchases for that month, you might find that some promotional offers don’t equal your volume reward and that you might not want to use them.

Q. I’m never going to send 50 parcels in a month – what’s in it for me?

We do appreciate that not all of our customers have enough parcels to send on a regular basis to qualify. As a result we will be offering marketing promotions and offers throughout the year that you will be able to take advantage of. These will be advertised on Twitter and through our emails, so be sure to sign up for both of these to take advantage.

Remember too that every time you refer a friend, who hasn’t used us before but who subsequently buys a label on our website, that you will qualify for a 10% discount off your following purchase. You need an account with us to do this, so be sure to open one today if you haven’t done so already.

Q. I use eBay and P2G to send most of my parcels. Will these purchases count towards my total?

The Volume Rewards scheme is for labels purchased from our website only, so purchases from other channels won’t count towards your total.

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