Liberate your Lego with Zapper and CollectPlus

Posted on 17/08/2015 by Marketing

We all love Lego, but if you’re on a decluttering drive and have a large collection of the colourful bricks taking up space at home, we suggest you try out Zapper‘s ingenious new recycling service. Their unique scheme recycles Lego, which is paid by the kilo in return for cash, and it also gives you the option of making a donation to charity. Read on to find out how it works.


How to recycle Lego bricks

Recycling Lego bricks with Zapper is easy: simply place the unwanted bricks in an ordinary plastic bag, weigh it on a set of kitchen scales and enter in the weight in kg at the Zapper website. From here you see how much Zapper will pay you for the bricks, and you can print off a label to send them directly to Zapper via our network of over 5,800 convenient stores; you can then drop off your packaged bricks at a time that suits you.

Zapper, whose owners secured £250,000 in funding on Dragons’ Den, also recycles other types of common household clutter, including CDs, DVDs, books and games – so if you’re in the throws of a school holidays clear-out, you may find that your efforts earn you a bit of welcome extra cash. And if you want to donate some of that money to charity, Zapper is set up to allow you to donate as you declutter.

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