New Automated Refunds

Posted on 18/07/2013 by Marketing

If you buy a parcel label from our website that you then don’t need to use and want to cancel, you can now request a refund on our website. From today, as long as you cancel the label within 28 working days of purchase (and of course it hasn’t been used), we will refund you via the payment method that you used to buy the label.

In order to request a refund please go to our contact us page and select “I want to cancel a parcel and get a refund” from the drop down menu.

You will need the following details to obtain a refund:

  1. Your full name
  2. The email address that you used to buy the label
  3. Your 7 character CollectPlus reference code (contained in your email order confirmation) or 13/16 character parcel number (found under the barcode on the parcel label)

Refunds will be made to the payment method used to purchase the parcel label and you will receive an email confirming the refund.

A few things to note:

1. Once refunded a label is cancelled and cannot be used to send a parcel.

2. Any label that has been scanned at store will not be eligible for a refund.

3. We can only process refunds for parcel labels bought from our website. For labels purchased elsewhere (e.g. through eBay or Amazon or a reseller) you can obtain a refund through your account with the company concerned.

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