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Posted on 15/01/2016 by Marketing

With Christmas now safely packed away for another year, visions of a clutter-free future start to play on our minds, spurring us on to re-evaluate and organise our living space with renewed vigour. January is also a great time to get finances into shape, so why not turn some of your cast-offs into cash, using eBay or your preferred online marketplace? If you’re up for a spot of early spring cleaning, read on for our top tips on how to make some money in the process.

Marie Kondo decluttering book

Make like Marie Kondo

If you find it hard to part with your (not-so) treasured possessions no matter how worn and useless they may have become, the Marie Kondo method might be for you. Kondo’s revolutionary and radical approach relies on a simple principle: don’t hold on to anything unless it makes you happy. She’s written a bestselling book on it, but you can try the technique for yourself by simply gathering all your possessions together, and deciding whether each item ‘sparks joy’ for you. If not, it has to go. Hard work for hoarders, but undeniably effective.

Sell online, send at your local store

The beauty if using CollectPlus to sell your items is the ease with which you can get your parcels quickly and easily out of your space and off to their more grateful new owners.

You can send sold items from any store in our network, even if your auction ends early in the morning or late at night. Find your nearest CollectPlus store to see how convenient our send service could be when it comes to fulfilling your next sale.  Remember, if you’re selling an item valued at £50 or less you’ll get FREE compensation cover, with the option to upgrade for items valued up to £300. And if you’re using eBay, you’ll covered by the site’s seller protection rules. Read more about using eBay with CollectPlus.


Send up to 10kg 

Are you harbouring a heavy or bulky item that you just don’t think you’ll be able to shift without paying over the odds for shipping costs? You may be surprised at how reasonable our rates are for larger and heavier items. Take a look at our size and weight restrictions to be sure we can carry your item, then see how much you could save by using our competitive send service to deliver it to its new home. Our current prices can be found here.


Banish your clutter with Zapper

If you’re left with some items that just aren’t going to fly on eBay or any other online marketplace, consider using a service like Zapper that allows you to send your unwanted stuff – whether it’s books, DVDs, CDs, games or even Lego bricks – and they’ll reward you for your efforts with cash. Even better, you can use CollectPlus to conveniently send your items over to Zapper, via your nearest store.

You can read a bit more about how Zapper works, here.

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