Rise in Returns – Boomerang Thursday

Posted on 12/12/2013 by Marketing

Returns is an area increasingly in need of retailer focus, and possibly innovation, and something we’ve been focusing on at CollectPlus. There is an increasing enthusiasm for ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Mega Monday’. But, with cash flow still crucially important for business, ‘Boomerang Thursday’ – when online customers returns peak in the immediate aftermath of these two huge online sales days – gives retailers an opportunity to quickly recover unwanted and very valuable items back into the supply chain.

With the growing move to ease of online shopping ease of returns gives our customers confidence to buy and then try.

CollectPlus’ Boomerang Thursday’s 10% uplift figure in returns was quoted in a piece on the increase in online shopping returns. This was on BBC Breakfast this morning as the lead for the story that included Hannah Maundrell, editor at personal finance website money.co.uk, discussing returns in greater detail. She mentioned that CollectPlus as one of the best ways to return products quickly.

CollectPlus on BBC This Morning

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